Happy Earth Day

10 Quotes to Celebrate Earth Day!

In 1970, Senator Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day. Now celebrated worldwide, it’s a day we all pause to think about our environment and the planet. But why just stick to one day, here are 10 quotes to inspire the environmentalist


7 Years of Foradian


Exploring-the-Unique-Advantages-of-Online-Classrooms (1)

Exploring the Unique Advantages of Online Classrooms

  In a layman’s term, a classroom must entail some building with desks and a chalkboard where students and their teacher meet to engage on matters of academic interest. Thinking of a classroom in such terms is right but not


Fedena 3.5 – Our biggest release yet

  What a week! A few days ago we released Uzity 2.0, our biggest update to Uzity—a learning management system for educational institutions and businesses—since the launch of Uzity itself. And here we are today announcing Fedena 3.5. It’s has

The-importance-of-privacy-of-classroom (1)

The Importance of Privacy of Classroom

  With technology storming the learning sector like never before, concerns over the privacy of classroom are on the rise. The educational software and applications industry has been growing at a staggering rate and is today valued at around 8

Future-of-Educational-Technology--Edtech-Trends-2016 (2)

Future of Educational Technology: Edtech Trends 2016

    Now that we’ve popped the cork on 2016, we’ve also had some time to reflect on this past year. After all, 2015 did see a plenty of new technologies and solutions bloom while others faded from the limelight.


Tips for Striking a Perfect Balance between Technology and Teachers

  Integrating technology in whatever you do is no doubt an overwhelming task. As such, teachers find themselves pulled in different directions everyday due to the ever evolving technological advancements. So, how do educators find the ideal balance between technology


Salvaging Rural India with Virtual Classroom : An Introduction

  Rural India is still struggling with widespread poverty, limited opportunity, and low teacher attendance rates in school. What role can the virtual classroom play in improving the quality of education and life?   In June last year, the Madhya


How new technology in education can enhance learning?

  Gone are the days when a classroom meant blackboards, chalks and maps. Because of the use of so many new technology in education, modern classrooms have changed dramatically. As a result, the learning experience of students have also improved.


What Kept us Busy in 2015?


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