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Updating information in your school ERP – Fedena

“Things get done only if the data we gather can inform and inspire those in a position to make a difference.” ― Mike Schmoker   In an era of employing best practices in Data Analytics, it is important for people

Fedena School ERP - photo upload

Student Photo Upload via Fedena API

The recent advancements in technology and connectivity have made schools jump on the bandwagon of digitizing their students’ records. This helps the schools in recording and fetching students’ data as and when needed, thereby assisting the school management in taking

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Is Attendance equivalent to engagement in online education?

  Mahatma Gandhi once said “Those who know how to think need no teachers.” Unfortunately this holds as a poor standard to measure student progress or their development.   We have always had classmates who sat at the back of

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5 Features which are a must for any online education platform

Online education has seen a steady rise in the number of learners in the past few years and is slowly replacing the traditional methods of learning. The same trend is now true for instructors who want to reach out to

Fedena school erp information sharing

How Fedena Helps in Information Sharing

  An ERP aims to associate the structure across an organization in a way of systemizing the workflow, sharing information among departments and providing an insight into various business operations. The traditional methods of handling data and tracking information seems

Fedena Multischool part 4

Fedena Multi School ERP system – Analytics, Multiple Admins and SMS Settings

The most important part of any School ERP system are the analytics and the ease of access by multiple users of the system. Last week we discussed how you could setup your payment gateways, white-label Fedena to your institution’s name

Fedena school erp system payment gateway

Payment Gateways, White-labeling & Plugins in the Multi-School Fedena School ERP system

In our previous blog, we discussed how you can setup your group of institutions and institutions in Fedena. Today we will learn how to assign the various plugins you have purchased to each group, assign payment gateways to them and

Fedena School ERP system biointegration

Biometric Integration – To help you keep track with minimum effort.

Students and Teachers are the core of your institution, so all data relative to them should be paramount. But documenting such data is a time-consuming task. After all, you don’t want to be misinformed about the students and teachers in

Fedena School ERP system Multischool

Setting up Fedena School ERP Software – Multi-school panel

For today, let’s begin with logging in to your accounts panel and creating a group and creating an institution. In our previous blog we discussed the advantages of using Fedena school ERP software for your group of institutions.    

Fedena School ERP Chat Support

Fedena Chat Support is here!

August 15, The Indian Independence day, what better occasion to unveil a new feature for our very successful Fedena School ERP partners and clients. We have always striven to give you the best possible support, our support team is constantly

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