Benefits of Education Softwares to Little Learners

  Education softwares can work wonders for students of all ages; and especially for young children. How? Technology is giving a new meaning to education. Education softwares can help children get the best possible learning- with the presence of technology

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Infographic: Adapting to Online Learning

  In an era where educational resources like tablets and Blackboard based courses are as common today as hard cover books and three ring binders were 20 years ago, thousands of degree-seeking students choose to participate in online learning. Take

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Participate in Green Schools Programme and Take your First step towards a Greener Future

  Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), the New Delhi-based public interest group, is conducting the Green Schools Programme (GSP). This programme has been running for past eight years and 2500+ schools across India have carried out a rigorous audit


5 Cities for Higher Education in Canada

  Canada is often seen as a popular destination for higher education for its lower cost cost of living and education fees, particularly when compared to other countries like USA, Australia and U.K. In addition, it is one of those


Benefits of Audiobooks in Education

  The benefits of audiobooks have been quite eminent to learners who have learning disabilities, for quite sometime now. On the other hand, audiobooks can actually be a smarter alternative to reading books- something that many people have started considering


Rewarding the Top Fedena User’: Top 10 Fedena Users as of End of August 2015!

  We all know by now, how technology is changing the way education is imparted. In fact, not just classroom technology that has been revolutionised by education, management of institution too, is not lagging behind. Fading are those days when


Things to do for a Productive Student Life in College

    College is the time when every student should look forward to curve out a better future. Apart from studying, the student life in college can be made more productive with a lot of other activities – things that


Top Cities for Higher Education in Australia

    Australia has always been a popular destination for tourists and students equally. Studying in Australia is surely not an inexpensive option; but when it comes to world class education, Australia is a hotspot. Below find the top cities


Virtual High School: The Changing Face of High School Education

  It’s not just athletes and actors who doesn’t have time to go for regular high schools, are benefiting from virtual high school; slowly a good bunch of regular school goers are also considering the benefits of a virtual high


5 Most Useful Apps for Students in College

  Using software and apps in college is definitely a smart way to stay organized. There are quite a number available, but you have to choose the one that’ll give a boost to your learning and productivity in college. In

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