Top Cities for Higher Education in Australia

    Australia has always been a popular destination for tourists and students equally. Studying in Australia is surely not an inexpensive option; but when it comes to world class education, Australia is a hotspot. Below find the top cities


Virtual High School: The Changing Face of High School Education

  It’s not just athletes and actors who doesn’t have time to go for regular high schools, are benefiting from virtual high school; slowly a good bunch of regular school goers are also considering the benefits of a virtual high


5 Most Useful Apps for Students in College

  Using software and apps in college is definitely a smart way to stay organized. There are quite a number available, but you have to choose the one that’ll give a boost to your learning and productivity in college. In


Our latest release is here, Fedena 3.4.3!

  We are excited to announce our latest release, Fedena 3.4.3.   Here’s a quick summary of some of the features coming to all our customers. Major Features Your SMS settings now come as a package   Fedena clients can


5 Software for Students for Better Project Management

  Managing a group of people for a project is not an easy task to do. Especially when the group of people are students and they have to have good communication and collaboration among themselves to carry out the project

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7 Important Reasons for ERP Implementation Failure in your Institution

  Why do ERP implementation fail? There can be several instances where one educational institution have made the most out of an ERP software; whereas, the same software have not yielded desired results in another institution. So, what can be


8 Tips to Teach Effectively in Class

  What makes a great teacher? Well, there are no hard and fast rules to make a great teacher and different approach towards teaching works for different people. Some teachers are in favor of showering praise to students to motivate


The Right ERP Software Selection Guide for Your Institution

  Complete automation of management processes in an educational institution is needed. Why? To keep up with the fast evolving technologies affecting every aspect of our life, including education; why should school management take the back seat. Implementation of ERP software


All you need to know about barcode integration with Fedena

  Lately, the Fedena Support team has been receiving quite a lot of questions about barcode integration with Fedena and how it can be used to manage a library. In this article, we’ll try to address all the questions briefly.


10 Online Tools to Engage Students in Studying Process

  When a teacher manages to engage his students in the learning process through interactive techniques, they are able to increase their focus and improve their critical thinking skills. Active participation is important for students to gain meaningful learning experiences

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