26 Effective Ways to use Twitter for Teachers & Educators

Teachers & Educators in the present fast-paced, ever evolving world of communication are presented with a plethora of options which might sometimes be overwhelming. To reduce the efforts of teachers in learning a new form of communication, we give you


All you need to know about student admission numbers in Fedena

Admission numbers are unique numbers allotted to students on their admission. No two students can have the same admission number in the institution, even if they are admitted to a different course or batch. Admission number may also be referred


Technology in Schools: What are the Opportunities and Challenges

See around and you find how technology has changed the way life is today. The same is with technology in schools- it has opened up a lot of opportunities for sure. The adoption of technology in schools has a different

Little-improvements-to-help-you-personalize-Fedena-and-improve-your-efficiency (1)

Little Improvements to help you Personalize Fedena & Improve your Efficiency

The Fedena team loves building new features that enable you to do things that weren’t possible before. But sometimes, it’s the small details that make a big difference. Along with all the big features that we have been releasing, there


4 Smarter Ways to Optimize Teaching through Technology in the Classroom

Teaching through technology in the classroom will just not be the guidance that students require in today’s world, it’ll infuse in them, the required technological skills that’ll be their success key in the future. And teachers, being at the forefront


Online Collaboration in E-learning: Tips and Tools

  All around the globe we are witnessing a transition towards collaborative learning. Our idea of collaborative learning arises from problem-based, case-based learning, team work, discussions, and other ways in which student is an active part in the learning process.


How Timetable has Evolved to Become One of Fedena’s Most Used Modules

  From inception to date, Fedena’s Timetable module has been helping schools and colleges of various sizes schedule and manage timetables. The Timetable module has evolved since Fedena’s inception in 2009. After three major Fedena releases, a number of minor


10 Smart Technology Tools for Teachers

  Technology and education are connected to each other, in a way that makes education and learning more engaging and fun. Smart technology for teachers are available to shape the way children learn, in a better way. Today, we talk

Fedena 3.4.2 - Article (1)

Introducing Fedena 3.4.2

Today, we are excited to announce our newest release, Fedena 3.4.2 featuring a simpler way to schedule exams, a faster and convenient way to process various student fees, SMS notifications when importing data into Fedena, and many more. In addition


Interactive Dashlets – Instant access to the information that matters most

With an information management system as detailed as Fedena, you are going to have all kinds of data coming from different parts of your institution. This can sometimes make tracking and reviewing of information difficult, especially when certain types of

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