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Classroom Technologies Enable Better Testing

Smart schools help minimise disruption caused by the new CBSE assessment structure     Last week, the Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) announced a change in the assessment structure for Class X students in CBSE schools, effective for the

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Fedena 3.5.3 : Styx – What to expect from your favorite school management system

Just like how restrictions are important for creativity, hurdles are important in giving us directions in where to go and what to jump over.     The very first update to Fedena in 2017 is almost ready to ship out.

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India Budget 2017: Smart Schools are The Way of the Future

Leveraging technology in the classroom will enable scaling up     Budget announcements for 2017 have been dominating the headlines for the last week or so, with policymakers, thinkers, and the common man all chipping in their opinions on how

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Why having a Discussion Module is important for a School ERP

  Community building is a very important aspect of schools in every society. Back in the day, when computers and smartphones weren’t available students, teachers and staff held discussions in classrooms, the school hallways, and whenever you would come across

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School ERPs Make Education Spending Smarter

Why Smart Schools are no longer an option, but a necessity.     Education policy is an issue that is as divisive as it is important. Nothing has exemplified this more than the recent nomination of Betsy DeVos, a controversial


Effectively using Forms in a school ERP

When we talk about the growth of schools and institutions, at most times we stop at just increasing the number of students, quality of education imparted, and improvement of grades. But what we fail to see is that schools just

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Expanding A School ERP System To Hostel Management

  Understand the role and advantages of using a school ERP   Education is no longer provided solely in the confines of a geographical border. Today, the international geopolitical environmental and economic boundaries are getting increasingly blurred and this newly

School ERP demonetization Fedena

With Demonetisation, School ERPs are Non-Negotiable

  How School ERPs like Fedena have made online fee management a breeze, and why it matters   For students who come from lower-income families, school fee payment can often be a draining endeavor. Interacting with bureaucrats, and the system

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Celebrating Savitribai Phule’s 186th Birthday

January 3rd marks the birth date of one of the greatest Indian social reformers. Savitribai Phule. She played a pivotal role in improving women’s rights in India during the British rule. She founded the first women’s school in Pune, fought

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2016 – Fedena : A Year in Review

2016 has been a long and productive year. Taiwan elected their first female president, the Panama papers stunned the world of finance, Djokovic made history by holding four grand slams concurrently, Brexit, Modi demonetized India, Trump won the U.S elections,

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