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How would it sound to you if you have software that manages the systems and processes of your school or college? Cool, isn't it? No point using primitive school management softwares that are brainchild of amateur developers who could never provide the right assistance and instead, just drop money bomb on the school. But with Fedena, the best management information system to manage schools and colleges, you can just relax. Fedena solves two of the biggest problems encountered in the market today-

Solution to Problem No.1: The Need for customization
Schools are not an invention of 20th century. They have been here since the beginning of human civilization. Their systems and processes have undergone constant upgradation from time to time. As a result, schools and colleges have different processes, even if they share the same geographical location. But Fedena school management system has the solution for it! You can easily create new plugins and use it on top of Fedena, without even altering the main source code. The basic version of Fedena is available free and opensource and thus, you have the freedom to customize the school management software, the way you want.

Easy to Customize School Management Software
School Management Software Limited Usage

Solution to Problem No.2 : Limited Usage
Most of the management information systems are not easy to use and hence, most schools never utilize them. Fedena offers easy User Interface and User Experience design that allows you to use it even if you have basic knowledge in computers and email. And you can start using Fedena in just 10 minutes of your first login!

The magic of Fedena is spread to more than 40,000 educational institutions and powers 20 million users all over the world. It already has so many awards and recognitions in its kitty, one of them being the prestigious MIT TR35 for innovation in education domain.

  • User Friendly

  • Modern Web Technologies

  • Affordable Customization

  • Freedom of Opensource

  • Amazing Support

  • Wide Range of Features

  • Flexible Pricing

  • Mobile Versions

  • Hosted on Cloud Servers

  • Plugin Marketplace

  • Secure & Reliable

  • Multiple Languages

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Awards & Recognition

What They Say

"Amazing. Fedena is optimized for customization. I have customized Fedena to match the requirements of Schools and Colleges in Colombia."

School Management Software Alirio

Alirio Lancheros
Globo Avans

"Fedena is an excellent solution for institutions like ours who want a feature-rich, stable erp product within our budget. Also we are astonished by the sincerity and efficiency of this team."

School Management Software Pascal Chewe

Pascal Chewe

"Fedena with its beautiful and innovative UI/UX design is loved by the teachers and other users of our institutions. It has increased the productivity and efficiency many fold."

School Management Software Aditya

Deepak Reddy
Aditya Group of Institutions, India

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