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Your​ ​Student​ ​Result​ ​Management​ ​System​ ​is​ ​Revolutionizing Education

3 systemic changes resulting from a robust student result management system

The tense anticipation, the highs and lows, and the all-round anxiety surrounding the announcement of examination results are familiar to us all. But with time, this unpleasant phenomenon does not seem to improving. While we continue in leaps and bounds in terms of educational techniques and tools, the culture surrounding teaching and testing only seems to

The negative effect of exam results is not limited to the emotional and mental toll it takes on stakeholders in the educational ecosystem, especially system. Exam results stress has, at best, pushed students to adopt unsavoury habits like cheating and bribery to assure a good mark and at worst, pushed them to make drastic, life-ending decisions. This is an unacceptable consequence of a system that is supposed to enrich the future of a country – especially one that
is advanced, or at least getting there, like India.

Ill effects are not limited to students – parents and educators are victims of this toxic culture too, Educators are forced to focus on exam results as the be all and end all goal of teaching. Parents are forced to take a practical stand, instead of a more holistic approach, toward education. The focus remains on producing good results rather than enriching student thinking through superlative teaching and a focus on building curiosity about the world.

A student result management system is certainly not the one-shot solution to all of these problems. However, a robust student result management system can certainly begin the revolution that our educational culture desperately needs.

1. Makes exam results a part of the process, not the goal

Currently, students are told to focus on testing as the objective of their learning, instead of building good information processing skills or igniting a healthy curiosity about the world around them. Practically speaking, examinations cannot be completely eliminated – at least not without a drastic overhaul of how we view education on the whole. This does not mean,
however, that students have to continue to suffer until decision makers are ready to consider testing in a new light. A student result management system allows examinations to be viewed through a lens in which they are just another step in learning – one that helps remind ourselves of how far we have come and how much of the journey is left.

2. Allows continual improvement by students

When we start viewing testing as another step in the learning journey, we begin using it to its fullest extent. Exam results are not just an assessment of the amount of material a student as learned. It is also a starting point for students who wish to more productively direct their learning. A student result management system that shares results for every piece of daily class
assignment, module project, pop quiz, semester test, or annual exam allows students to continually assess their progress, while also not allowing them to be overwhelmed by the idea of being defined by one score or letter grade. This allows students to also make more timely decisions, by letting them course-correct in real time when they fall back.

3. Builds a healthier testing culture

Overall, a student result management system allows educators to more continuously share personalised feedback with their students. While we would like for students to absorb a culture where their self-worth isn’t defined by their examination results, the world might take some time to catch up. Teachers can be the spark that ignites change in the ecosystem. When sharing personalised feedback, it gives teachers an opportunity to speak to parents and students more openly since a student result management system allows for complete confidentiality. This is the first step in building a path to better learning and a healthier attitude towards testing

5 Must Have In Online Assignment Management System

The main motive of every institute is to prepare their students for their future endeavours. This responsibility of bringing out the best in every student falls on the shoulders of the teachers who follow well-known and age-old tested methods to test their student’s mettle. Besides keeping them busy with daily homework, conducting surprise quizzes and other major tests, they also try to keep them motivated and enthusiastic about the future developments and various research topics by assigning them challenging assignments. These assignments are the test of character, alacrity and cognizance of every individual providing them with an opportunity to shine and rise above the flock.

Since this part of learning is such an important part of personal growth, it becomes essential to monitor their allotment and submission to be timely. Sometimes, due to missing classes, or due to undesired inattentiveness, these important notifications are missed which result in late submission and the poor reflection of their character on their teachers. Similarly for teachers keeping track of all the submissions is not an easy task and sometimes a few of the assignments are misplaced which again reflect towards the student’s personal record. While working on their assignments students have to follow directions and formats suggested by the teacher so it’s easier for review due to uniformity, but sometimes it also curbs their natural thinking and creativity which is supposed to be nurtured and not constrained.

With the future advancements in education and learning, this problem has been addressed specifically to allow the students to let free their minds, while their teachers can focus on verifying the claims rather than shuffling through large bundles of submitted assignments. This has also streamlined the process by making it more manageable, auditable and less time consuming while also remaining environment-friendly.

The above-discussed advancements have been designed as a tool which is popularly termed as an online assignment management system. This software is able to effectively manage processes like submissions, recordings, grading and relevant feedback. It also facilitates easy allotment from anywhere and at any time, while enabling the students to get their queries answered well in time and in a documented fashion which they can look back at in case of need.

The listed below features enhance the significance of an online assignment management system:

Users utilize the software as per their own convenience which is why it becomes necessary to designed system functional on various platforms.

In case of random spikes in system behaviour, the processes become unpredictable and therefore require maintenance. Such unpredictable behaviour is a bane of any system software, and in such cases, it should be able to easily restore the system.

The assignment submission system shall be able to bear unpredictable inputs and provide relevant responses to these inputs.

Performance deals with how fast the assignment submission system will respond to the user inputs. The system will be accessed concurrently and it is important for it to respond quickly to varying load.

System availability is of utmost importance since all the processes are time critical and could have a serious impact on someone’s academic results.

academic management system

3 Ways a Student Academic Management System Benefits Parents

A Student Academic Management System isn’t just for students and educators

In the past, this blog has elucidated extensively on how Student Academic Management Systems, or other management systems, help students, educators, and non-educator staff make the most of their in-school time. We have also spoken of how an efficient student academic management system is an asset outside of school hours also – platforms like Fedena allow teachers to communicate with students one-on-one, share readings to support in class material remotely, enable peer learning through creation of student groups, and allow students to manage and organise their own learning more efficiently.

The focus can, thus, increasingly remain on educating a child, since repetitive processes and cumbersome administrative tasks are automated by an easy to use platform that everyone from student to principal can learn to utilize intuitively. A group that can also benefit from a student academic management system is the one who might be the one that has the most emotional and certainly the most financial stake in their child’s learning – the parents. While it is obvious how a student academic management system can benefit those directly involved with an educational system, what use do parents have for such a platform?

Studies have shown that parents who are more involved in their child’s academic life tend to have a positive impact on their performance. This stands to reason – parental involvement provides children the support and motivation they need to take their studies seriously and also allows teachers and parents to combine powers in order to empower a student. Why not then utilize every tool at their disposal to maximize impact? Parents, here is how you can use your school’s student academic management system in order to positively influence your child’s educational outcomes:

Build​ ​better​ ​teacher-parent​ ​relationships

One of the perks of a student academic management system is that it allows for efficient, personalised, and confidential communication between entities. While the focus is on personalised attention from teacher to student, the communication between parent and teacher is equally as important. Being able to refer to coursework, homework, reports, or grades within the same student academic management system enables more efficient and effective communication between parent and teacher, allowing them to team up to help a student learn better both at school and at home.

Easily​ ​keep​ ​track​ ​of​ ​your​ ​child’s​ ​academic​ ​progress

No more hunting down of report cards, keeping track of remarks in the student diary, or unnecessary parent-teacher meetings. With all student coursework, homework, reports and grades being shared with a student academic management system, it becomes a one-stop shop for all academic related interactions and monitoring for a parent. A report card once a semester or year is just a one-way street of communication, and often comes too late to allow for any sort of meaningful intervention. A student academic management system allows a parent to continually track student progress and enables parental intervention in a timely fashion. This means less time wasted on daily organizational scramble, resulting in more focused study time.

Build​ ​communities​ ​with​ ​fellow​ ​parents

Creating a group or community in a student academic management system is not just a tool to create virtual classrooms or a forum where students can benefit from group discussions and peer learning. A community can be set up for all the parents of students enrolled in a particular class or batch in a student academic management system – there is strength in numbers! This enables parents to communicate more easily with each other, share wisdom and information, and also collaborate more effectively with the institution.

Assigning Fee collections in Fedena

Assigning fees is a vital part of the daily fee operations in any school and hence an integral part of the School Management ERP. It’s quite important that the users choose the right fee collection for the student so that all the reports do fall in place. This makes the end user comfortable in dealing with the long queues in the cash counter. So, we dedicate this article to let our users know how to assign multiple fee collections in Fedena. Please find the detailed steps on the Fee import plugin.

First things first, When using the Fee Imports plugin to manage a student’s fee collections, the following fee collections may be listed for a student:

  • Paid and unpaid fee collections for the current batch. Paid fee collections will be disabled.
  • Fee collections created specifically for the student.
  • Unpaid fee collections for a previous batch. Once paid, the previous batch fee collections will no longer be listed.
  • Unassigned fee collections that may be applicable to the student. For example, fee collections created before the student was admitted.

To start with the process,

  • Please click the module access icon > Administration > Finance > Fees > Fee Imports.
  • Select a batch. All students in the batch are listed on the left with fee collections on the right.
  • Select or clear the check boxes to assign or un-assign fee collections for a student.

Note: A minimum of one fee collection must be assigned to a student.
Click the Assign button.

Bonus Tip:- We have a small GIF file to help you on the same.


hostel management system

Student Living Is More Easily Managed With a Hostel Management System

What features should your hostel management system offer?

With residential schools and colleges becoming an increasingly popular for parents and students alike, educational institutions are tasked with not just managing academics but also student life. When it comes to hostel life, of paramount importance for any school or college is student safety and comfort. Good record management and flawless execution of administrative tasks associated with hostel management is key to ensuring this. How? Being able to keep track of students in the system helps administrators keep track of where they are and locate them swiftly in case of exigencies. It also helps create a record of where a student is supposed to be for their non-educational caretakers, and help them more efficiently utilize non school hours.

A hostel that runs like a well-oiled machine provides a sense of security and comfort to a student. After all, during the academic year, their room is their private sanctum and their roommates and fellow hostelites their family. A hostel and its inhabitants, in many ways, are a home away from home. Ensuring that is managed well is thus essential. Vast tomes keeping track of student records and their housing details are unreliable, expensive, cumbersome and prone to human error. Gone are the days of dusty ledgers filled with cramped writing that can only be interpreted with the help of the original author. Instead, a robust hostel management system can inexpensively and quickly take over a majority of hostel management duties, reducing labour costs and improving overall efficiency. But what are the must-have features of a good hostel management system to ensure you are getting your money’s worth? Here are the four features we can’t do without:

Hostel​ ​Records

A good hostel management system will allow you to easily add and delete hostels as needed to the system. This ensures that an administrator has a bird’s eye view of all existing hostels on
campus at any moment – and access to the detailed records for each individual hostel. This also ensures longevity for your hostel management system. As your educational institution grows,
so do its needs, including housing. Being able to easily add, delete, and manage hostels in the system ensures it does not quickly become obsolete.

Room​ ​Assignment

Having a compatible roommate can make or break a student’s life. The methodology used to assign students to rooms varies from school to school. In some cases, a questionnaire is used to
match compatible students while some rely on random assignment. If the latter results in feuding roommates, it is seen as an opportunity for personal growth in the conflict management space. But how does one keep track of these assignments, any changes requested, and maintain a roommate archive? A room assignment feature is thus necessary for any good hostel management system. Fedena, for instance, makes it easy for administrators to assign rooms, process room change requests and keep a track of their student’s life.

Fee​ ​Collection

Hostel fees are charged separately from the tuition and other school expenses a student is expected to pay. This is a sensitive financial issue for most students, since the consequences of defaulting are dire – a hostel is the student’s home during the school year. Managing hostel fee collection is a sensitive and confidential matter, best handled by the efficiency and anonymity a hostel management system has to offer. A hostel management system like Fedena enables administrators to post the fee due for each individual student, what their payment status is,
update payment status easily, and access a list of defaulters in one click, in order to ensure that finances are in order.

internal messaging system

All New Internal Messaging System

Modern technology has become a crucial part of today’s management structure. Every passing day it is evolving and simplifying our life by turning grueling tasks into automated processes. Similarly, our product is also evolving, to simplify the operations of the institutes to improve the productivity by allowing their staff to make more accurate and precise decisions in a minimal time.

It is necessary for every actor of an institute to be connected to each other promoting not only a healthy working environment but also allow the staff and the community to remain carefree. With a better communication between the staff and parents/students, the responsibilities like fee or assignment submission are carried out in a timely fashion. To make this happen, we would like to introduce our new internal messaging system, which can be used to create this ideal learning environment.

This messaging system comes with an improved interface and ease of use. It is designed to be a complete communication system for the institution. Using the contained messaging module, the institutions can send out targeted information to parents and students about school events, fee dues, to teachers about upcoming PTA meetings etc. This minimizes parent’s anxiety which is a result of overdue duties, which could be easily eliminated by setting timely reminders. This keeps everyone updated about their assigned responsibilities. This system is not only fast and easy but also eco-friendly, it further is a saving on expensive purchases for receipts, notices and other announcements.

Why to include internal messaging system within your structure:

Holidays are a time for relaxation and fun for everyone, primarily young kids. During these days of mingling with your friends and relatives, it is quite easy to forget about the assigned work and projects to be submitted post the holidays. Mostly, the students keep on delaying such activities due to either boredom or underestimating the amount of effort or just simply forgetting about it. This could have a serious impact on their rest of the academic year, which could also result in them falling behind in some of the key subjects. To remind the students of their handed out assignments, scheduled messages tailored for their needs can be pushed out as notifications. This’ll help them keep on track and remain updated on their progress.

The role of parents is vital for a child to grow into a responsible adult. Therefore, they try to be updated about their ward’s education and keep them on track when they’re falling behind the curriculum. This involves attending meetings, going through their progress report and various allotted assignments. Sometimes, due to a busy schedule of their own, it becomes quite difficult to keep updated which affects their child’s performance and growth. Using the internal messaging service, institutes can instantly send notifications and keep them updated on various activities.

Being a student’s primary educator, the role of teachers are essential towards shaping a career which isn’t easy to imagine at the beginning. Sometimes, they are not in touch with every student in their class which either results in miscommunication on their part or an omission of the same. To keep the students informed about the scheduled assignment dates, mini-projects, and various other home assignments, teachers can make good use of the messaging service to get their intentions known to everyone in a timely manner.

The responsibilities on an administration entail duties which need to be performed timely and recurrently. Their duties are not only essential for the smooth operations but also need to be quite punctual which brings in a dire need for a good notification system. Their other duties being emergency services and disaster notifications also require a need for an efficient messaging service, which makes the messaging service an excellent fit for them.

Admin can use broadcast message feature in messaging portal to send out bulk messages.

The message settings feature allows admin to control who can send messages and to whom. If the institution policy does not allow students to send direct messages to other students, this option can be turned off.

student administration system

Can Your Student Administration System Handle These 3 Problems?

Empower school administrators with the right student administration system

Administrators often receive the short end of the technology stick when it comes to software and systems built for them. The role of teachers is well-championed, students make up our future, and the role of parents in education is increasingly heralded as critical, and rightly so. But what about the non-education staff in a school? Whether it is the front office student administrator who helped you figure out how to schedule your classes to optimise your time while also taking a full course load or the janitor that ensures that you have a pleasant study environment every day, non-education personnel are often the unsung heroes that keep the wheels of a school turning.

With education technology becoming on the fastest growing markets of today, a student administration the system is becoming a common sight in every educational system out there. We have previously discussed how a student administration system can make life easier in a variety of ways, but while their role in helping teachers, students and parents may seem obvious, how does such a system helped the oft forgotten administrator?

Platforms like Fedena have a lot to offer a school administrator. While the more pretty elements of a student administration system seem to be built for front facing clients like the teaching staff, students, or their parents, a school administrator can truly master the right platform to ensure they can get the most out of it. How? Whether it is hastening existing processes, managing information efficiently, or just automating daily, routine tasks, a student administration system has a lot to offer your average school administrator. Here are some burdensome administrative duties made less so by a robust student administration system:

Managing Student Experiences

A school administrator can often seem akin to a wizard managing their students’ lives. Whether it is eking out that last bit of attendance for a graduating fourth-year pupil, getting a procrastinating first-year student into that class that seemed filled to capacity, or helping an overloaded returning student get into as many classes they can keeping in mind their strict scheduled, administrators can almost make magic happens. This is made much easier with a school administration system that gives administrators an at-a-glance view of what a student schedule looks like, and where they can afford to optimise their time to better manage their educational experience through well-managed class enrollment, scheduling, transfer, and dropping.

Automating Staff Payroll

Everyone from the custodial staff to the dean of your school worries about money – and getting paid on time is key to ensuring that everyone can focus on the job at hand rather than worrying about money issues. This process is a repetitive one, but that does not mean it is one that can be slacked off on – a careful eye must be kept on finances to ensure openness and transparency. A student administration system that ensures that access can easily be restricted according to security clearance, an archive of all actions is maintained, and that money is disbursed in a timely and secure fashion is a must have for any educational institution.

Robust ​Fee​ ​Processing

Processing student fees is a full-time job in itself. However, administrators are often burdened with this task in addition to other. Here are the must haves for any good student administration system that also manages fee payment: customisable fee bands, a feature that allows individual fees and discounts to be levies, anytime, anywhere fee processing platforms to allow fees to be paid on the go, automated fee receipt generation, and a fee payment archive or record.

Fedeba Mobile App

A sneak peek of the Fedena mobile app

According to a recent study about the usage of mobile phones, it was found that an average man spends 2 hours 51 minutes per day in phones. This justifies that why the source of information to all of us has boiled down to the apps these days. May it be a crucial meeting notification with the CEO or a casual hello from the classmate you met on the last Alumni function. We prefer to receive or send the major chunk of information via these mobile apps. It is these apps that have become our TV, Newspaper, Postman and what not.

So we thought of using all the necessary information that we get from the ERP in the mobile app for the parents, teachers, and students. And ever since this has been announced we have been receiving numerous requests from our users all over the globe.Thus the necessity of a mobile app, and its relevance in the present world. While the mobile app will be out in the next couple of weeks, we understand that the excitement levels among the users have already reached the summit. So we bring you a small sneak peek of the app.

Push Notification:- Push Notification in smart phones are like those huge hoardings that we see during the daily commute. Some of them can be really important as the “Fee Dues reminder” while some of them can be ignored like the daily greeting from the school admins.

Multiple Login:-Though the traditional login mechanism with the username and password is preferred by the majority of users, the One Time Password (OTP) login via SMS and Emails is the favorite of all the app users. So we have incorporated both of them in the mobile app to help you choose the one that suits you the best.

An app for each School: Imagine a scenario, where you would have an app for your school in the Android Play store/ Itunes store, that the user (parent, student, and teacher). Yes, we are talking about an individual app for each Fedena Instance as soon as the Management decides to go with the Mobile app. This would certainly speak volumes about the Schools commitment and attitude.

Custom Pages:- Since every school is unique in its own way. There is a dire need to incorporate the mission and vision of the school in the app. Once on-boarded, the schools will have sections dedicated for the Mission and vision of the school. As implementation progresses, the School Management might also need something like  Points to ponder from the Principal’s desk, can be accommodated in this too.

Leaves:- Being an employee of the organization, we have always wished to have a process, where we can have the formalities of applying for a leave from an app and get notified as soon as it gets approved. The mobile app comes with this feature too with a sweet pie chart to showcase the leave balances


Profile Swap:- It becomes really cumbersome for the parent to when they have many children studying in the same institution. The mobile app follows the same mechanism of Fedena, allowing the parent to switch among different profiles while being always logged in to the app.

Online Payment:-  The fees section holds utmost importance in a School Management ERP When you can do everything else through the app, wouldn’t it be nice if you could pay the fees also through the app?So online fees payment would be a real icing on the cake when using the school’s very own app. So we have accommodated this use case too, by providing a payment option for the Parents in the app Itself.

Things Every Business Needs to Have for a Strong Online Presence

Small businesses can find a loyal customer base online. They could also explode and become a massive retailer. The power and potential of online activity are enormous. The number of people online grows every day. 8 in 10 people in the United States shop online and the half (and growing) of the world is on the Internet. Having an online presence isn’t just a supplement to your business, it is a business.


Here are five things that every business needs to have if they want a strong online presence:

A Website

The first thing that any small business needs when building their online presence is a website. The website is the epicenter of all your online presence. It needs to have all the information your visitors need, it needs to be aesthetically pleasing, and it needs to work. You also need to implement an e-commerce platform onto your site as well if you’re planning on ever selling anything, whether that be products, services, or subscriptions.

Social Accounts

Billions of people are connected through social media. It’s a mistake to ignore the power of social media and the resource that is Big Data. Facebook and Google are two of the biggest advertisers in the world because they have information that can make your advertising campaigns more effective. They do this by allowing you to advertise only to the people who have expressed interest in your niche.

 High Google Ranking

If you aren’t on the first page of Google, you don’t exist. The first step to increasing your ranking on Google is to make sure your website is fast and that it has great content. The second step is to increase the number of people linking to your site. You must do this the right way, however. So-called black-hat operations will get you banned from Google.

Customer Relations

The end game is not to get new customers coming in every day. The end game is to have a dedicated and loyal customer base who will return over and over again. Word-of-mouth marketing is powerful. Being recommended by your customers means that new customers will come to you because their friend claims that you are trustworthy. That is why customer service is so important. Engage with your audience, respond promptly to every complaint, and, most importantly, care about each customer as an individual.

Consistent Content

To stay updated, and to keep yourself in the eye of your customers, you need to produce or share content consistently. Share relevant content, like customers’ photos of your product, or news articles about your brand, or content you’ve created. Make sure it’s engaging and offers insight and value to your audience.


The best advice for small businesses to turn their online presence into a success is to use a marketing agency. offers all the services you need to have a strong online presence that gives you results, from marketing to web development to branding. It’s always better to use professionals to help kick start your online business than it is to learn as you go.


college management software

Get Your Campus Accredited with College Management Software

What does your college management software signal to the world?

Modern colleges are increasingly using college management software in a variety of capacities – whether it is to better track potential students during the admission process, enable them to keep up with coursework and examinations during their time there, better manage tuition processing and fee receipt issual, or even helping professors implement new teaching methods in class and online, college management software is slowly becoming an indispensible part of the education ecosystem.

While the advantages of using college management software is apparent to those in this space, what does it mean to the common man? How does knowing whether a college uses college management software matter to a potential student or a parent weighing their options about which college to continue their educational career in? Using college management software like Fedena signals many things to the outside world. It works as a certification for the institution in question, signalling that this system is robust in nature, that it offers a certain standard of convenience and efficiency to its stakeholders, that it is acknowledged and accredited as an institution of worth.

For Students

Students graduating from a college accredited by college management software like Fedena emerge from their institutions knowing that they have experienced higher education in a systemic, community driven fashion. College management software allows students to track their coursework, manage submissions, sit for exams, assess their scores, and communicate with their professors and peers easily and directly. In the corporate world, this means an easier transition into a job since students have spent the last three to five years (or more!) of their lives training their brains to work in a efficient and organised fashion bolstered by their repeated interactions with college management software. It accredits a student as ready for the workplace.

For Educators

Educators experiencing college management software like Fedena for the first time might experience some regrets – that they didn’t transition to this system that allows them to empower their students and propel their teaching to the next level. Ask any teacher and they will tell you that the most frustrating part of their work is not students unable to grasp the material, testing, or the actual teaching. Instead, it is all the administrative tasks that accompany their core responsibilities. College management software helps alleviate this stress. How? From personalised communications with students, sharing coursework and setting up in-class and out-of-class projects and group discussions, and managing report cards, college management software helps professors more efficiently manage their classes – at scale! Professors can also use this to boost their own personal accomplishments. Fedena accreditation on your curriculum vitae or LinkedIn tells peers and potential employers that you are a power user of robust college management software that makes you a better professor for your students and a better employee for any modern day institution.

For Institutions

College management software is a technological tool that was essentially built for institutions. It is a no-brainer that using one provides the institution a level of accreditation that signals to the outside world that they are an educational hub that takes themselves seriously. From a robust system that can handle large volumes of applicants easily and efficiently during admissions to a tuition processing system that enables fee collection on the go, through payment processing across platforms and devices, college management system will make any college administrator infinitely more efficient at their workplace. It is also a great recruitment and marketing tool. An institution that displays its Fedena accreditation is telling the world that students, professors, and potential employees that this is not your dreary college bogged down by endless bureaucracy but an ambitious, well-oiled machine that is focused on producing the world’s future leaders.

placement management system

Five must have in placement management system

Complete placement management system to ameliorate the alliance reputation

Institutes is a place where students enhance their skills and learn how they can stand out in a crowd. But with ample availability of institutes it has become difficult for students to identify a suitable institute for their career growth. There are several factors which affect the choices of institutes but sometimes placement process is the vital reason which tilts their favor towards a particular institution. Placement is not only critical aspect to attract good potential students, it also plays a vital role in waxing the reputation to serve better placements.

Industry placements directly from college provides an opportunity to hone rusty skills and apply them in practical situations. In turn these placements help promoting the institute’s industrial image further resulting in better recruitments and accreditations. A positive image also brings in better motivated, ambitious prospective students. To obtain these great heights a smart management system is required to maintain accurate data records, placement scheduling, student notifications to stay tuned and track the placements.

The placement in institutes was usually handled by a specialized placement team, which created management issues for students while keeping track of various interested companies. During several parallel placements miscommunication or loss of notifications was quite common which sometimes created a poor impression of either the organization or their new hires. To smooth the system and enhance the placement experience of the students, the institutes must have a placement management system in place with the following features:

Manage data
Using this system, the administrators can maintain the academic information of each students such as semester results, assignments, attendance and the demographic information is a jiffy. During placements, a recruiter can easily view this information with just a click. For future references the administrators can store the recruiter database along with student information.

Résumé registration
Sometimes during placements it is quite essential to know your competition before starting to compete for an offer. With multiple recruiters lined up, an uninspired interview process due to lack of company knowledge can ruin the chance of a dream placement. This is where a smart system comes into play, using which you can easily register to only the companies you are interested in and get real time notifications.

Tracking job application
Using this students are upto date with their job application status at every stage of the placement. This also simplifies the management effort by just posting a status and all interested students are notified accordingly.

Notification and events
During placements it’s quite annoying when you are running around to the placement cell just to get an updates on the activities related to placements such as checking which companies are organizing the placements, and other details regarding the job offer. But with real-time notifications and alerts, getting updated is just at your fingertips either via email, or other messaging services.

Collect uploaded résumé
Sometimes while applying for a placement résumé are lost in between and due to which some students miss their opportunities due to a faulty system. With this module available in the system, it is extremely easy to collect all the applications and forward them to the recruiters giving everybody their fair chance.

online school management software

4​ ​Must​ ​Haves​ ​for​ ​a​ ​Robust​ ​Online​ ​School​ ​Management​ ​Software  

Online school management software that improves schools

Educational technology has been growing in leaps and bounds over the last few years. Its role in the education space is now undeniable. Largely, the news reports how it has empowered students and teachers. Whether it is a bright young scholar in a remote village who is able to top the IIT-JEE entrance thanks to online courses or the teacher who is able to connect with them remotely via systems that allow sharing of classroom materials, conducting examinations, and sharing of feedback easily, education technology is now an indispensible tool in the arsenal of educators and students alike.

But has it made much of an impact on an institutional level? Oftentimes, with the audience being primarily scholars and teachers, institutional needs are ignored, or are given second priority. Since most work performed by administrators or those in non-teaching roles is not public facing, the technology catering to them is often unintuitive, unsightly, or just plain unappealing. They are forced to work with what we have. So here’s a challenge for creators – present and future. Address the following processes in your product to truly revolutionise the day to day experience of an educational institution:

Admissions ​Processing

Admissions is one of the first times a student comes in contact with an educational institution – and as every former moral values student will remember, first impressions matter! Online school management software that hosts a robust admissions processing system will be invaluable to school administrators trying their best to efficiently manage a horde of stressed out, hopeful students in a competitive environment. At minimum, a dashboard, the ability to intuitively mimic an institution’s native admission procedure and varying levels of accessibility and security are necessary.

Fee​ ​Processing

Like admissions, tuition payment and processing is a stressful and taxing procedure that takes place on a regular basis. The good news is that this makes it easier to automate with the support of the right online school management software. The ideal system would allow for automation of school fee collection notices and reminders, easy payment processing across multiple platforms to allow parents to pay on the go, and immediate generation of fee receipts. Allowing for customization that includes different payment bands, enables levying of extra fees, or discounts is also necessary.

Employee​ ​Payroll​ ​Processing

It takes a village to raise a child, so raising a school takes a few more people. Seamless processing of salaries, perks and benefits for the staff that keeps a school running is mandatory. Knowing that they are financially secure allows them to focus on the important things – performing their job well to empower their students. Online school management software that allows for employee payroll processing must keep in mind varying salary scales, differentiating perks and benefits, and the different payment schedule various employee bands might have. A simple and secure dashboard that allows for this processing, connected with a robust payment interface is the basic feature that must be built into any online school management software.

Communications​ ​System

The advantages of a messaging system that enables personalised and confidential communication between teacher and student, or peer-to-peer communication between students for class discussions or group discussions has been discussed previously. But what about communication between the institution and its students, teachers, or parents? It is not time or cost effective to build a manual solution to this requirement. Instead an online school management software that allows for quick, cost-effective, and reliable SMS and email communication between all parties is a better solution, especially for school-wide alerts.