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Ganymede : Fedena 3.5.4

Fedena 3.5.4 – Ganymede is out and we hope you are as excited as we are. This release brings a fresh, new applicant registration module with a whole bag full of new features and enhancements while removing some not so

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Ganymede : Fedena 3.5.4 Release Notes

  What’s new in Fedena Here is the list of new features included with this release of Fedena 3.5.4 Feature Description User Role Module Applicant Registration Customize forms, configure custom applicant status, add instructions to fill up the form and

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6 questions to ask before investing in education technology

Not all education technology is created for you   A couple of weeks ago we spoke about the six cool educational technology gizmos we really, really want to get our hands on.Now every person needs their cool toys, but education

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Automating communications with your School ERP and SMS

For every school or institution, one of the most important building blocks is their communications. How admins communicate with each other, how the management is able to communicate to the faculties, how the school is able to communicate with parents

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Giving Enquiries a seat at the Applicant Registration table

With Fedena, we are relentlessly focused on two things: our product and our customers. Keeping this bond is what keeps our business alive and successful.   Thankfully, in the recent months, we have arrived at a solution for the need

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5 Education Technology Gizmos You’ll Want Today!

Education technology that isn’t just useful, but cool too     We’ve previously talked about why education technology is so important for learning in a diverse, changing, multi-cultural, globalised world. But let’s be super honest – all the cool new

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5 Reasons Kids Today Need Classroom Technology

It’s a new world – Classrooms aren’t what they used to be.   Robotics labs and teacher holograms might seem like frivolous marketing tricks used by private institutions looking to justify their exorbitant fees. Do your kids really need to

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Smarter In More Ways Than One

The five kinds of unusual students classroom technology empowers     Intelligence comes in many forms, and our schools must cater to them all. Here are the five different types of students educational technology is already helping:   Underperforming Students

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Fedena 3.5.4 Ganymede Is Here!

And it came bearing some goodies     For the last few months, we’ve been working away at building a new and improved Fedena release, and we’re proud to announce that it’s finally ready to meet you! Each release brings

8years of Fedena

Happy 8th Anniversary to Us!

This month marks the 8th year Foradian has been in business. We are delighted to have worked with all the lovely schools and institutions over the years in helping them succeed and provide better education all over the world. We

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