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How School Management Software Help With Task Management?

Increase efficiency in schools with your school management software

At some point a human looked up from their social media feed, in the middle of their workday, and thought, “Hey, wouldn’t it be great if I could have some kind of tool that would motivate me to actually do the things I need to do today?” And thus task management applications were born.

There are a variety of task management applications fulfilling different functions. From apps that help keep you focused by restricting access to social media to ones that will help you keep tracking hitting milestones in a large, collaborative project – there’s something for everyone.

There’s even task management systems that help you bundle incoming messages so that you can clear your inbox without getting sucked into an endless email cycle. What all of these boil down to is systems that allow you to manage your work more efficiently.

So how does your school management software come into play? Good ones, like Fedena, are capable of doing more than just maintain student records or send out emails. The right school management system will also improve work efficiency.

How does it do this?

Through innovative use of all of its nifty little features. Below are some creative ways to use some of the features.

Fedena offers to its users:

On-The-Go Accessibility

We live in a 24/7 world. We are available across cell phones, email, snail mail, telephone, in person and over video conferencing. We coordinate with teams across the globe. We get the job done. So why should your school management system be any different? Fedena is web-based, multi-platform, and provides 24/7 customer service support. This school management system works when you work – so it is built for you. What does this mean? It
means that if you are a night owl who works more efficiently at 3 a.m. rather than 8 a.m.,

Fedena is still accessible to you. Grade school reports in the peace and quiet of your own home, process payroll during your commute, respond quickly to student queries through the in-built messenger or quickly set up a video call to explain a more visual concept. The possibilities of any-time accessibility are endless.

Cross-School Capabilities

A big portion of efficient task management is efficient delegation and division of work. In large multi-school institutions, sharing of resources is not just a smart thing to do, but necessary, especially for a perennially under-financed industry like education. For instance, imagine allocating all responsibility for payroll to one school’s administration – central management would increase efficiency and reduce processing time. But this would not mean that they aren’t accessible – Fedena ensures that schools work seamlessly with each other in this school management system. Expand this to helping students at one school access classes offered at another, or consultations with educational staff across schools for parents and the possibilities are endless.

API and Plugin Friendly

This might feel like a cheat, but hear us out. Fedena has a philosophical commitment to open source for a reason. We want our school management system to be accessible to everyone. But this goes both ways – we also feel like Fedena is a perfect building block or foundation to creating a school management system that contains everything you need, by being easy to use
with third party plugins or APIs that might be filling in a gap we have not yet covered. APIs also ensure that this collaboration remains secure. Built with the latest technology with security and privacy kept in mind, Fedena protects data protected and ensures sensitive information remains secure while removing boundaries.

Fedena 3.6.1

Io: Fedena 3.6.1 Release Notes

New and enhanced features in the latest release of Fedena 3.6.1

What’s new in Fedena

Here is the list of new features included with this release of Fedena 3.6.1

Feature Description User Role Module
Fee Receipt Mode The fee receipt mode allows you to select how receipt numbers are generated during pay all fees.

Single Receipt Number: This mode generates a single receipt number for all the collections in the transaction

Multiple Receipt Number: This mode generates one receipt number for each collection in the transaction.

Administrator, Privileged Employee Finance
Attendance Transfer When transferring students from one batch to another, this new feature allows transfer of attendance to the new batch. Use this feature when the attendance records do not need to remain in the old batch, like when shuffling between batches of a class. Administrator, Privileged Employee Batch

What’s enhanced in Fedena

Here is the list of enhanced features included with this release of Fedena 3.6.1

Feature Description User Role Module
Skip and override exams in Gradebook Gradebook now supports the option to change the maximum marks for individual subjects in an exam. Individual subject exams in a group can also be skipped if required.

Changes include:

1. Manage Exams now called Manage Gradebook to differentiate from the old examination module

2. Derived exams can be calculated from Manage Gradebook page

3. Term exam and derived exam results can be calculated even after skipping exams for some subjects.

There are also important bug fixes and improvements.

Administrator, Privileged Employee Gradebook
Transport assignment UI change The new transport assignment page is designed to ease the way students are assigned to vehicles. Assignment now happens inside the vehicle page and shows all available users in the batch/department. This change allows users to assign and change routes for students and employees faster. Administrator, Privileged Employee Transport
News UI change The news home page is redesigned to improve readability. It now shows the news items in a neat table from the home page of the module. Administrator, Privileged Employee, Student,Parent News
Father/Mother in Custom Report Custom Student Reports now have Father and Mother as two sections along with all parents and immediate contact. This will enable taking of faster reports with father/mother details. Administrator, Privileged Employee Custom Report

Issues Fixed

Here is the list of issues fixed in this release of Fedena 3.6.1

Applicant Registration

  • Fixed an issue with multiple submitting of attachments via S3
  • Added student fields missing from registration form


  • In attendance, pdf report its showing subject selected as “all subject” for daily wise attendance type

Custom Import

  • Incorrect default country is saved in custom import


  • ICSE report displaying 0 instead of Hyphen(-) when the student is marked as absent


  • Page break style issue fixed in transaction report PDF
  • Amount without fine shows in ‘balance’ column in Students Fee defaulters report
  • Transaction report page style breaks (PDF report) when the report exceeds more than 1 page

Human Resources

  • Fixed an issue of employee payroll details showing up for employees without any payroll related privilege given


  • Finance transactions are not listing on library report page


  • Attachment does not get reflected for guardian when Internal Message is sent for both parent and student
  • Warning message added for file types not supported in attachment


  • Fixed the issue with fees not getting unassigned from manage fee collections
Fedena 3.6.1

Io: Fedena 3.6.1

As 2017 draws to a close, Fedena 3.6.1 is also ready for release. The last major update from our labs this year is nicknamed – Io, after the natural satellite of Jupiter.

We are dedicating this release to Jane Elliott – who became known for the social experiment she did in her 3rd-grade classroom about 50 years ago. Later known as the Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes Experiment, Jane did this on her class of third graders in Riceville, Iowa, as a means to teach them about Martin Luther King Jr. who was assassinated.

On the first day, she divided the class based on their eye colour as inferior or superior. The blue-eyed children were told they were inferior to their brown-eyed classmates. This meant the browns were given privileges over the blues like second helpings at lunch, extra five minutes at the lunch etc. Blue-eyed children were on the other hand prevented from even using the same water fountain as the superior group. She even reinforced this belief saying that the chemical melanin which was present more in the brown-eyed people made them more intelligent. The results surprised her. She noticed how the usually smart children started following behind in class and making mistakes on being told that they were inferior. The withdrawn brown-eyed children suddenly became more active, even imposing on the blue-eyed ones. This experiment was reversed the next Monday but this time the blue-eyed children did not become as nasty as the brown-eyed ones. This experiment brought her national attention from talk shows to editorials, with some praising her but many others who chastised her for conducting this on young children. She has even ostracized her from her community and school.  

This experiment has since been more widely accepted and used in many places around the world. Jane, now in her 80s, still conducts workshops on racism in education and workplaces. We at Fedena, dedicate this release to the trailblazer who brought racism and its impact especially on young minds to the national discourse.

Here is what is new in Fedena

Fee Receipt Mode:

This new mode is designed to provide two way of receipt number generation based on the individual preferences. When collecting fees using Pay all Fees, you can choose between the two modes:

  • Single Receipt Number: This mode generates a single receipt number for all the collections in the transaction
  • Multiple Receipt Number: This mode generates one receipt number for each collection in the transaction.

Attendance Transfer:

Maintaining the attendance manually is a time taking process besides that it is sometimes prone to error also. In most of the institution till now the attendance has handled manually and it becomes hassling for teachers, when an unexpected situation arises like when student want to change their existing batch. In such scenario, there is a probability that loopholes may arise in the academic records. To overcome such problems Fedena has come up with attendance transfer feature

When transferring students from one batch to another, this new feature allows transfer of attendance to the new batch. Use this feature when the attendance records do not need to remain in the old batch, like when shuffling between batches of a class.

What is enhanced in Fedena

  • Skip and override exams in Gradebook

Gradebook now supports the option to change the maximum marks for individual subjects in an exam. Individual subject exams in a group can be skipped when needed and still be connected to the term exams. There are also important bug fixes and improvements.

Changes include:

  • Manage exams now called manage gradebook to differentiate from the old examination module
  • Derived exams can be calculated from manage gradebook page
  • Term exam and derived exam results can be calculated even after skipping exams for some subjects.


  • Transport assignment UI change

The new transport assignment page is designed to ease the way students are assigned to vehicles. Assignment now happens inside the vehicle page and shows all available users in the batch/department. This change allows users to assign and change routes for students and employees faster.

  • News UI change

A better user interface is always led to the effective communication and encourage the enhanced engagement for the user. Keeping all these things in mind we have redesigned the UI of the news home page so that students find it more interactive and become adaptive of this module to acquire the institution updates additionally work on the readability factor also. This new change showcase the news items in a neat table in the homepage of the module.

  • Father/Mother in Custom Report

Custom Student Reports now have Father and Mother as two sections along with all parents and immediate contact. This will enable the taking of faster reports with father/mother details.

school management system

How school management system making institutes future ready?

School management system is vital for institution success

Think of the time when you were in your child’s shoes. Think of the days when you too attended classes in your school and college or university. Do you remember the last five minutes of your class or even the first five minutes when the teachers pulled out the registers in order to take attendance? The process was time-consuming, it needed plenty of effort from the teacher, and more than anything else there was a chance of a mistake or two and thus things could turn messy. With a school management system schools have left those days behind.

What must have happened then?

Coming to mistakes, with the processes of the old there was always the chance that the cheeky students would have their way with the new teachers and get them to mark an absent student as a present one. This is no longer possible now with the school management system that most schools use these days. This also presented an opportunity for some teachers to eat into their teaching time by drawing out the process as much as they were afforded the chance to.

Issues that plague education management

The one that we talked about right now is just one among the many that plagued education management as a whole. However, thanks to school management system they have become what they should be now – a thing of the past. These days, the environment all around is getting highly competitive and as such you need proper systems to manage the functioning of your school. One of the key aspects of such a system is a success for students. No longer is it considered enough for a student to have a teacher who is dedicated to helping her or him succeed in life.

What do you need today?

For that matter, it is also not sufficient for a child to have parents who are thoroughly involved in their educational journey or a school that is administered properly. They need so much more to stay ahead of the competition and do well in life. This is where school management software comes to such an extent. It is the responsibility of a school to manage all the stakeholders, as well as the resources that may be available to them, in the proper way. It should be done in such a way that parents, employees, teachers, and students can be benefited.

The basic aim here should be to create an educational experience that lays the basis for the future and defines the future generations of a country. As such, there are several reasons as to why you should be using such software in your school. It is now so much more than a mere option – it is a necessity.

Partnering with parents to make the kids successful

One of the various beneficial aspects of ERP software is that it is the ideal software you are looking for in order to ensure a bright future for your child. These days, the parents are involved to a greater extent with even the minutest nuances of the education of their child. With the help of the latest software, they are now able to get access to the grades scored by their daughters or sons in the various tests taken by their schools. They also get the latest information on their attendance as well as their results.

All this huge amount of information helps them make decisions that are much better than what would have happened if they were not in the know as such. It also helps that such software comes with additional features such as transport tracking, customized reports for each and every one of the students, and homework management.

Personalizing the experience for the students

One of the major benefits of software for schools is that they are able to provide the kind of experience and information that students are looking for. It does so by personalizing the information and other content. The best products in this domain enable teachers to share their comments on specific activities of the students. They can also use text messages in order to get in touch with the students with the help of the SMS (short message service) facility provided by the software.

This way, they are also able to share any and every information and news that may be of some relevance to the students. This leads to students getting the kind of personalized attention that they need and crave so much in order to achieve success in the long term. No longer is it a straight jacket that is supposed to be applicable for and useful to all the students.

Efficient management of courses

With the help of software for school management, it is possible for courses to be managed in an efficient manner. By using such software teachers, parents, and students are all able to keep track of the progress that has been achieved in the various courses being taught at the school. This is especially beneficial for the students since with the help of such features they are able to use their time – both in and out of the school in a far more effective manner. These products come with features such as library management and task assignment.

This also means that examinations at all levels, as well as school boards, can be conducted in a fuss-free manner. The tracking in these cases happens in an end to end manner and this makes sure that no child gets left behind as such, no matter what stage of the school year it is.

Seamless management of fees

Yet another benefit of the online school management system is that schools can manage their fees without any issue whatsoever. These software products help the schools to focus on their core area – the students and their well-being. This is because they take care of the paperwork that can eat up so much of the schools’ time and make them inefficient. School fee reminders can cost the schools a good amount of money and they can be mismanaged as well.

However, with the help of a proper enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for a school, these educational institutions do not need to worry at all on that front. These products come with strong engines that are able to create automated systems whereby the process of collecting fees can be executed in a cost-efficient manner. It also helps that the system is segmented on the basis of fee structure of the school. Parents are also helped by these systems since they are able to pay the fees online – this means that they can make the payment at any time and place of their choice.

Making the school administration stronger

With the help of these ERP systems, it is possible to make the administration process of a school stronger than before. They have processes that enable schools to create an incoming class that is suited the most to the school in question. These systems also allow the administrators to glance across details pertaining to their employees as and when they want. This means information related to their leave status and attendance. They are also able to access data related to their students across the board.

The best part of all this is that they are able to do this by just clicking a button. All this means that the school administrators are able to organize their units to function with greater efficiency than what would have been possible otherwise. Educators who are experienced know that when the administration of your school is a strong one it means that the school is functioning like a well-oiled machine, without any chinks whatsoever. This would also mean that the students have the best possible environment as far as learning is concerned. This in turns helps them fulfil their true potential in life.


Thus, as has been established, it is now enough for schools to just provide a basic set up and hope the students and teachers to work miracles. They need to ask themselves if they can go beyond that or more importantly if they should go above or not. The beauty of the field of school management is that it is always evolving and getting better. This is the reason why you should always buy open source products that can be modified and improved to better suit your needs as an educational institution.

school management software

Using School Management Software To Build Safer Schools

School Management Software is making mere watchmen obsolete

Remember the days of yore with your friendly watchman at the one school gate that you knew by name and seemed to have a radar for mischief anywhere on campus? Throw in a formidable principal, an eagle-eyed librarian, and a physical education teacher who looked like he could uproot trees one-handed and that pretty much constituted a crack security team for any school.

With the influx of newer technologies, students born without a fear gene, and an increasingly chaotic world, however, and this team just isn’t enough. Expectations have also changed – parents now expect to be able to track every moment of their child’s routine from anywhere in the world.

How is a modern school to cope?

Beat technology with technology. Your school management software was not just built to share coursework and update gradebooks. It has tools and features that are helpful in times of crisis – big and small. Your school management software is useful for everyone, from the principal to gain easy access to student information to know how to address disciplinary issues to the security guard at the school gate so he knows he is releasing a student into the safe custody of an approved guardian. Being safe is all about being prepared. Arm yourself with information and processes that kick in automatically – before disasters occur.

Ultimately, it is up to how a school uses their school management software. Security might not seem like a priority for an educational institution, but considering the vulnerable charges they have to manage, it is a responsibility that cannot be shirked.

How would this work in real time?

Check out the three scenarios that could occur in any school below:

Seamlessly Managing Student Half Days

Sanctioned or caused by a funny tummy, a change in the usual school routine is often the most vulnerable moment when malicious elements can cause the most damage. You no longer have to rely on your trusting child’s familiarity with his regular bus conductor. School management software like Fedena helps you track your children until they are home safe and sound. Parents and teachers are able to access this feature on the go, ensuring that no matter where they are, their little ones are where they should be.

Student Information At Your Fingertips

With classroom sizes growing at a rapid rate and schools expanding to multiple branches to serve as many communities as they can, it is no surprise that administrators may be hard-pressed to remember every student they encounter. But to effectively address disciplinary issues, one must understand the student. These are children, not the enemy combatant, and spotting a pattern of repeat offences might indicate an issue that is easily resolved without punishing the child. School management software helps maintain comprehensive records that can be accessed by various stakeholders at varying levels of security. This ensures a complete picture while also maintaining appropriate levels of privacy.

Preventative Data Security

Security isn’t just about maintaining a log of school entry and exit or tracking children as they go about their day. A big part of it also respecting data privacy and security for sensitive information that is useful in a crisis or in cases of a security breach. Security, as a culture, must start with this. School management software must be robust about this to be considered trustworthy by their users. Vulnerable information like student information, private communications between stakeholders like parents and teachers, or even gradebook or report card information must be protected. This information is an insight into the student mind and can provide valuable clues in times of trouble.

school management system

Enhance parent’s engagement in digital age with school management system

If as a parent you are struggling to keep your head up with various academic issues related to your child the best thing that you would need school management system. These days, life has become really fast and speedy, and as such parents find it really hard to be on top of each and every school-related communications of their children. It is very important for schools to have parents that are responsive. This allows them to work in an effective and efficient manner.

However, families are caught in the crossfire between family life and the work that they need to do keep their fire burning.

The economic condition these days,

These days, the amount of families who have both parents working is on the rise and this is why everyone – the schools and the parents – would understand the true value of a school management system.

This system always informs parents about each and everything that their
children are doing in their school as well as the various events that they are supposed to take part in their school. A major example, in this case, would be the various reminders that the school management provides to the parents regarding anything that may be important to the children.

The problem with paper notifications

In general, the problem with paper notifications is that people keep receiving too many of them in any case. This is why even if they received an important notice from the school where their kids there is a good chance that they would just trash it without even looking at it. Even if your kid brought it home there is also a chance that she or he will mix it up with other belongings and lose it, or just simply forget to inform you. This is where a proper school management
system comes in so handy.

What do they need?

Ideally, parents need communication that is not long and is able to grab their attention within a short span of time. It is ideal if it comes to their mobile phones and this is where school management software or a similar app can serve the purpose to such an extent.

The ideal solution with which to engage with the parents

In case of most of the smaller schools out there the amount of resources and technology that they have is limited. This is why they are always on the lookout for solutions that enable them to engage the parents of their students.

This is where they are helped so much by ERP software. In any case, there has been a significant amount of decline in the web traffic as most of the people are used to receiving their content on the various mobile devices that they use.

The question that needs to be asked in this case is what can a school do – especially a small one that has limited access to resources?

This is where they can be helped by the enterprise resource planning software for schools that we are talking about over here.

Bringing about a revolution

The new software for schools has basically revolutionized the way the schools are being managed these days. They include facilities such as mass texting services that can be so useful for the schools. The parents also need not worry as the messages are rather easy to access and then read. This also helps the school administrators save significant amounts of money and plenty of time.

However, it would be wrong to assume that these services are only about mass texting. There is much more to them. They have a number of other parent notification and communication services as well.

A tool unlike any other

This is the reason why you can say justifiably that the present day software for school management is a unique one in every sense of the term. They provide services such as mass text communication, teacher and class updates, accident and incident reports, parent conference schedulers, and auto school reminders to name a few.

Maximizing involvement by the parents

It can be said that these tools go a long way in making sure that the parents are involved to a greater extent with the school activities of their children.

With the help of such online school management system, it is possible for the smaller schools to manage their resources that they struggle so much to manage. It helps them save money as well as paper. In fact, they can also use it to change their way of working to suit the mobile generation. In fact, you can always get in touch with other schools that use these systems and find out from them as to how they view them. You would invariably find it that they are rated highly by the ones who are using them. They would tell you how quick and convenient it has become to communicate with the parents, thanks to these systems.

What does the parents feel?

These schools would also tell you that ever since they have started using these systems they have seen perceptible changes in the way and extent to which parents are being involved with what their kids are doing at the school. They feel a lot better in terms of engagement and involvement. In fact, these systems help the staff working at the schools as well and this includes the teachers as well. It also helps that these systems are pretty easy to install.

Improving communication

More than anything else, these systems always help the schools improve their communication with the parents. This is perhaps what matters the most in exchanges such as these. In many ways, these systems can be called the kind of one-stop solutions that schools are looking for in order to stay relevant and improve their functioning in this day and age. They can be defined as student information systems and it is their integrated nature of functioning that makes it so easy to operate them. They basically have all a small school can need.

The one-stop shop

They can help the schools communicate with the parents and the students as well, in case the need arises. They can manage all the information related to the students. The fact that they come as mobile apps only endear them further to the parents, students, teachers, and just about anyone else.

Greater benefits of these systems

With the help of these systems, schools can also perform basic functions such as taking attendance of the students, as well as the teachers, put in the grades, and then send across the report cards to the students. These systems also make it possible for them to stay updated with various other statistics and information that are of high importance to them.

Tailored for the kind of school that you are

It is not that only the small schools would need such a system. Even a bigger school could need it as well. As such, you need to find the system that is perfect for the kind of school that you are– it should be tailored specifically to meet the kind of needs and requirements that you have as an educational institution.Normally, if you are a bigger school you would need a system that is full of features.

Dealing with these systems

In any case, you would have the means to hire a team of technology experts in order to deal with the system properly enough. As a smaller school, it is mainly your teachers and administrative staff who are dealing with the system. As such you would need a system that has fewer features and is thus easier to deal with. The best among all of them are ones that can be customized in order to meet the needs that you have as an educational institution. Normally, the smaller schools need systems that can be implemented easily and within a short span of time as well.

The matter of cost

Schools always have a budget to work with – no school is outside this purview – and as such, they need systems that help them operate in a financially rational manner. This is where these systems can come in and make such a major difference. One of the best features of these systems is the online grade book. With the help of these systems, teachers are able to straightway enter the scores in the computer and the students are able to access them quickly as well.

​Online ​School ​Management ​Software

Grow Easily Using Online School Management Software

Online School Management Software enables managed expansion

Over the last few weeks, we have had extensive discussions on the Fedena blog how online school management software can be a boon to schools seeking to better manage themselves to the benefit of a comprehensive set of stakeholders.

Specifically, we have considered the types of problems online school management software can address, what features to look for when making a choice of which one to use, and how they will benefit students and teachers in the future.

But what about the more institutional desire to expand?

Good schools are rare and access to them continues to be highly prized. And is the case with any resource that is scarce, the ones with more social privileges tend to have greater access to it. Education, unlike a lot of other scarce resources, however, is not just a resource, but a vital institution that imparts the necessary skills required to enable social mobility. We cannot wait for it to naturally scale up but must push for it do so.

Scaling doesn’t come cheap, however. Finances are often a barrier that perpetuates these societal inequalities. Even though they have altruistic missions, schools need to be financially viable in order to be able to truly serve the communities they wish to empower. To ignore this reality would only result in their ultimate collapse.

Scaling does not always have to be prohibitively expensive, however. This is where online school management software can be of help. Institutions looking to expand can use this as a tool to mitigate costs while still serving a large user base. Online school management software is not just a classroom tool or a disciplinary tool, but an institutional mechanism that propels it
towards serving in bigger and better ways.

How does it do this?

Here are three features that will indicate that the right online school management software will help you grow faster than ever before:

Crossing Geographies

Whether it is across localities, cities, states or countries, an online school management software meets the needs of multiple branches of an educational institution quickly. Whether it
is replicating tried and tested processes in new locations, or just bringing acquisitions under the mothership’s umbrella, a robust online school management software being used across various branches of the school is the online equivalent of opening up a new location. It lends a sense of familiarity no matter where in the world we are

Managing Ever-Growing and Ever-Changing Stakeholders

An institution is made up of its people – schools, teachers, non-education staff, and parents. A simple, intuitive, and robust system is needed to manage all these entities, 24/7. And this is where an online school management system comes in. The right one will not balk at taking on more stakeholders and will function smoothly, leading to your school running like a well-oiled machine, leaving everyone to just focus on what they are here to do – learn and educate.

Scaling Quickly To Meet Your Needs

There is no end in sight for the demand for quality education. In an increasingly globalised world especially, people are demanding the best for their children in the most remote parts of the world – as they should! As soon as your institution expands to meet the demands of a community, the population explodes, and supply falls short. This race to catch-up can be mitigated through the use of an online school management system that is simple, light, easy to onboard stakeholders onto and can be scaled on demand. The right online school management system doesn’t just meet the needs of today but anticipates and prepares for those of tomorrow

How to Become Involved in School Construction and Management

If you’re passionate about education, you might be thinking about founding your own school or educational institution, or you may be wondering about the initial construction process or ongoing management requirements. These are all pertinent concerns when you’re getting ready to tackle the task of building or managing a school, particularly if you’re going to be establishing a physical location that is accredited and recognized by the necessary authorities and school boards. Whether you’re a teacher with some experience in academic work or just the average person curious about school management and construction, the following steps should point you in the right direction:

1. Obtaining a Relevant Degree and/or Licensing

The process of constructing a school from start to finish requires the assistance of a long list of professionals, including civil engineers, architects, and contracting companies. The degree you choose to pursue should depend on which area of school founding you’re interested in. For example, if you were interested in the design of schools and other types of infrastructure, you might look into an online civil engineering program at an institution like Norwich University. An online-masters in civil engineering would teach you how to design components and systems that are used in structures like hospitals, schools, libraries, and government buildings.

2. Understand What’s Involved

There are numerous steps involved in starting and managing a school, including developing a curriculum and having it approved by the school board, securing a location and having it approved as well, and of course hiring the right teaching staff. Once the school is up and running there will be plenty of ongoing management duties to keep up with, including but not limited to the following:

  • stocking and keeping track of books and other equipment
  • creating employee and student schedules
  • supervising progress and activities – classroom management
  • hiring janitorial staff
  • staying up to date on mandated testing and other state educational requirements
  • managing the school’s computing and networking needs and handling student management — which is where Fedena comes into play.

Aside from the above, you’ll probably encounter a few unexpected challenges along the way, which is okay because as you’re establishing a learning institution you may have to do some learning of your own.

3. Apply for a Variety of Job Positions

Finally, once you’ve decided on an area of study and you’re ready to start contributing to the advancement of academia, the final step is to either find your own school or start applying for jobs related to school construction and management. Of course, the kind of jobs you’ll be able to apply for will depend on which degree you chose to pursue in step 1 of this overview.

Gain Experience in the Field to Widen Horizons

Once you’ve landed your first job or founded your first school it will be easier to get hired at other schools or build your second school from the ground up. The initial learning curve is what makes it challenging, but that’s also what makes it fulfilling. When you finally are able to look at a school and say that you took part in its construction or are actively participating in its management, you’ll be glad you followed through with your original intentions.

school management software

4 Important Attributes In School Management Software

Every time a new online school management software is deployed in an institution, the school management holds up an immediate meeting with the school admins and the major end users to start using the application to its full potential. It is often believed that the application will be able to provide software solutions to all the issues faced in the past. Schools do look up to their ERP with high expectations. At this juncture, there is a lot of data that has to go inside the ERP and convert this into meaningful analytics just like a data whisperer.

Team Fedena understands this perception of the end users towards their student management software and believes in catering all such possible use cases. So, in our blog post today, we will be covering 4 interesting attributes that would help you to get even better control over your application

Payslip Settings

Every school has its own format of providing payslips to the employees. Some schools would just need the payroll categories in the payslips, while others might need the employee details like date of joining grade etc. So, we have improved the payslip format by introducing a setting that lets the user choose from the variety of options available in the payslip settings page.

Feature Access Settings

It is important for the schools to control the information that goes public to the end users. Fedena has this feature access setting that lets you configure the modules that the guardians can have access to.

Message Permissions

It is automatically assumed that the ERP system must allow the users to interact among themselves because of obvious reasons. However, it is needed for the school admins to allow or revoke these permissions as and when needed. So, we have a special page to manage the same.

Enable auto-logout

The last but not the least of the tips enable auto-logout in the general settings helps the user to automatically log out from the application in case of inactivity.

ERP for school

ERP for school: One step forward in education technologies

Thanks to the online software tools available these days such as ERP for school the process of school management has reached the 21st century, so to speak. The biggest benefit of this system is that it makes administrative works of a school really easy and it is possible for the schools to run the system in an efficient manner. These systems are also blessed with a number of core modules that benefit each and every person connected to a school including the administrative staff, parents, students, and teachers.

What are the benefits for the management?

As far as ERP for school there are several benefits that the school management can have.

First of all, it lets them automate all the work done by the various departments of the school. These systems can automatically generate stuff like timetables as well as online boards from where the management people can get updates and notifications. With the help of such a system, they would be able to manage many systems as well. It is also a good interface for purposes related to communication. With the help of school management ERP software, the management can also gather huge databases and maintain them easily enough.

The best part of it is that it helps you save money.

What are the benefits for the students?

As far as the students are concerned, they also stand to gain from web school ERP. They will be able to get better access to schedules as well as information on crucial aspects of their academic career such as examinations, grades, and attendance. They will be able to better interact with their fellow students, teachers, and the various administrative departments. They will be able to participate in the discussion forums in their school and publish reviews and articles written by themselves.

They will also get electronic access to their school library. At the same time, this system allows them to submit homework online as well.

What are the benefits for the teachers?

As far as the teachers are concerned the biggest benefit that they can get from school management system software is that they have to deal with less amount of paperwork. They are also able to manage data like marks, attendance sheets, and grades on their computers, which is a lot more convenient when you come to think of it. They get their schedules online and this helps them plan their work and life in general in a much better way.

They also get more time that they are able to devote to their students. They are also able to communicate much better with the students and their parents. They can assign homework online and since the students can submit them online as well they can check them online as well.

What are the benefits for the parents?

With the help of school information management system parents stand to gain significantly as well. They are able to add to their levels of involvement in the various activities of the school especially ones that concern their children.

They get trustworthy information on how well or poorly their children are doing at school. It is easier for them to pay the fees as well. There is not much paperwork as such and this means that they are able to complete their work in a shorter span of time. This reduces the wastage of time. They also get updates on the upcoming events in their school.

Things to be kept in mind while implementing these systems

When you are trying to implement online school management software in your school there are a few things that need to be kept in mind.

The first thing that you should remember in these cases is that these aren’t foolproof at all. They are always improving and as such if you are not satisfied with a particular system you can always dismiss it and choose a new one. It is very important that you choose a system that can be customized according to the system of your school. The system should match your system perfectly. You should keep in mind the fact that a readymade solution may not exactly be what you are looking for.

These systems are difficult to choose as such. It is also important that you are not completely dependent on this system as far as support service and maintenance are concerned. If you do not have a proper system for backup there is always a chance that data could get lost and that could be really problematic for all including the students. It is also important to train your staff members to use these systems. The same thing goes for parents and students as well. They should be taught how to use the various functions in an ERP for school. You would need to provide such training on a regular basis to all the new students that enroll at your school.

Similarly, if you use a new system such training will have to be provided as well. The biggest benefit of these systems is that they always make a positive difference to the way a school is managed. All the various stakeholders in a school – parents, teachers, students, and administrative staff get the benefits of the different educational routines and the superior quality of work that they are able to do thanks to the new system. With high-quality software tools, it is possible to improve both learning and management.

Why are these systems necessary?

This is the era of internet and as such systems such as these have become very important. As a scholastic institution, it is very important to become a digitized one so that you are able to keep pace with the time when you are working. It also helps that these systems provide you a whole range of benefits for all as have been mentioned above.

Better experience for the users

There is a definite ideology behind the creation of these systems and that is to provide an absolutely new culture of education across the schools. The makers of these systems are aware of the practical challenges that schools face with regarding operation, and they try and make sure that they provide you the best working experience possible.

Responsive systems

These products are designed in such a way that they can operate on just about any smartphone. This is why you – the administrators – are able to view all the data related to your school and change it at the time and place of your choosing. These systems have been proven to be extremely responsive to iOS, Android, and Windows. These days, people prefer to be more on their tablets and phones and as such these advanced features help you run the school properly enough.

Simplification of education

Yet another major benefit of these systems is that the process of education becomes a lot simpler than before. These systems can guarantee you consistent and uninterrupted streaming on just about any platform. This is how you would be to see data and modify it with such ease as well. It also does not matter which browser you are using – Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Firefox – you should be able to get the best possible quality.

The involvement of the finest brains

The best part of such software is that it is able to do just about any work that you wish it to do. The long-term capabilities of these software products endear them highly to one and all. The team of experts who build such products is able to offer you the finest product that you are expecting from them. Since the features of these systems are user-friendly you have complete control over the system.

Complete value for money

The makers of the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software systems created for the schools are available in a wide range of packages and varieties. This means there is always going to be something or the other that you are going to find useful – exactly what you need. It would be with the money that you have earmarked for this purpose and also suit the technical specifications that you have. The makers of these systems make sure that you get the best backup in the money that you can spare in terms of security and usability. It can be said for sure that this is exactly the kind of academic backup that you need.

School ERP System

Paperless Solution: School ERP System

Reduce the carbon footprints by introducing the ERP system in your institution

It does not really matter if your school is big or small. It needs to maintain data on a consistent basis and make sure that the entire process done in an impeccable manner as well. All the activities being done in the school need to be maintained in the records. This could include recording data on the attendance of students and teachers to sending the progress reports of the students to their parents. It is basically the responsibility of the management of the said institute. It needs to make sure that all the operational data is maintained and that too in a secure way, to achieve this you need school ERP system.

This is the reason why you see so many schools hiring IT (information technology) staff on a temporary basis in order to maintain their data and also perform other functions related to running the school in an efficient manner. These people do play an important role in making sure that the school is being managed in an effective manner. In spite of that, it needs to be kept in mind that this is a rather costly solution, to say the least since you do need additional employees to make it work. This is where web-based school ERP software (enterprise resources planning) made specifically for such institutes can come in so handy.

It makes a lot more sense for an educational entity such as a school, to have a system that is much easier to operate and is a lot more efficient when it comes to activities such as recording, communicating, compiling, analyzing, and scheduling all the activities that may be important to a school.

What does school ERP mean?

ERP can be defined as an automated system of sorts. They are designed with the specific intention of managing the work of an organization with the help of computers. The ERPs created for schools and colleges are meant mainly for catering to the various administrative requirements of such educational entities.

These web-based programs are categorized into a number of modules that are meant to manage separate functions. They also happen to be connected to each other and that is what makes integrating them into the school’s overall system so easy. This makes the normal work of a school or a college lot simpler, and thus better than what it was before. This happens because the load of the administrative bodies and members of the faculty are divided. No longer do they need to bear the entire burden all by themselves. This makes them feel lighten and allow them to acutely concentrate better on their core work – spreading knowledge among the students and helping them fulfil their true potential in life.

The benefits of education ERP software

With school ERP software, an institution can enjoy plenty of advantages. You would already have learned a few of them by now. At a very fundamental level, it needs to be acknowledged that storing and maintaining data accurately – in a school is a Herculean task. This is where one gets to understand the true worth of these systems.

Education ERP software helps in the seamless integration of such mammoth amounts of data in the school’s everyday working processes. These automation systems take care of the different administrative requirements of a school as well. Along with, they help teachers with important tasks such as preparing lectures as well as other work related to homework, discussions at class, and examinations in general. The data maintained in the ERP systems can also come in handy as far as providing correct and precise information to entities such as tax authorities and trustees is concerned. With the help of all the data at its fingertips, a school can provide the same as and when it is asked to do so.

These systems also come equipped with facilities such as SMS (short message service) as well as direct messages. This helps in the proper and perfect communication between important entities such as the top management of a school and its teachers, parents, and students. You can be sure that if such a system was adopted in your school it would lead to greater involvement of the students as well. Their education will be benefited as well since they would be able to gain round the clock access to homework, test papers, classwork, and others to name a few.

In short such software for school management, can be called the ideal platform for a student where she or he can review important aspects of her or his own academic careers such as study-related progress and overall attendance.

How can you choose one?

Choosing the correct school ERP software can be quite a tricky proposition as such. This is true even more in case you are not aware of what your institution needs in the first place. This is the reason why as and when you think of buying such a system for your school you should first note down all the features and benefits that you are expecting from such a system.

These should ideally be the ones that you need the most right now. Before you select a product in this regard, first ask the vendor company to provide a demonstration of how the product works. This will help you determine if the product is up to scratch or not. You would also be able to find out if it needs any modifications or not. Just because you have installed a product that enjoys a certain level of popularity do not expect it to solve all your needs and be as efficient as you would want it to be.

Before purchase must evaluate it on various parameters such as how it is performing? Is it giving you what you need? Is it a long-term solution to the problems that you may be facing right now? Ask these questions as the answers to the same would determine whether you buy it or not. It is always better to choose a solution that is cost-effective – one that you can tweak a little in order to satisfy your requirements as such.

In the end, it can be said that these products are easily one of the greatest technological innovations to have been created in the 21st century. Its primary aim – as has been stated already – is to make the processes of a school’s functioning simpler than before. This is a modern era when the emphasis is on reducing the amount of paperwork and creating a work culture that is better in terms of organization. All this is only possible when you make the entire system automated. It is really the time when you should welcome such school software systems and that too with open arms.

What do these products do?

As has been said already these ERP school management system is capable of performing a wide array of work related to the functioning of a school. Some of them may be mentioned as below:

  • Student profiling and documents
  • Examinations and progress cards
  • Online admissions
  • General register
  • Fee instalments and receipts
  • Library management
  • Parent communication via email and SMS
  • Analytical reports

Few above-mentioned features of school management software have elaborated below:

Student profiling

This is an important part of the work done by these systems. It has been seen that on an average, school miss out at least 20 percent of the data pertaining to their students.

The demarcation here is being done on the basis of the directives of the official authority bodies that deal with these matters. As such, schools find it rather difficult to manage all the documents related to students on a physical basis. For example, any school that has around 500 would have to maintain around 8 to 10 documents for each student. This means that they would need to take care of 5000 documents each year and that is always easier said than done.

Online admissions

Schools do spend a significant amount of money each year in order to admit students. If they are able to reduce the paperwork, in this case, they would also be able to reduce their expenses to a significant degree. The major costs in these cases are works such as printing admission forms, sorting them, and then distributing them among students.

Communication with parents also forms an important part of the work that they do. Research has shown that modern means of communication such as email and SMS are far more effective when it comes to getting in touch with the parents within a short span of time as opposed to traditional paper-based communication.

Similarly, other features play a vital role in school progress.