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The 7 Challenges All Email Marketers Will Face

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Often as a reseller or a partner, it becomes a very difficult task to reach out to the right audience in the education market. Marketers often wonder which channels would be the best way to reach out and attract their

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Bettering Your School’s Data Protection

school data protection fedena school erp

As a school, data protection is a major part of keeping your children and family safe; protecting their information. You have to ensure that you are fully compliant with the Data Protection Act, and that you follow the principles of

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Important Factors to Consider Before Developing a Website for Your School or College

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Are you thinking about developing a new website for your school or college? Having this online facility is an effective way to communicate with parents, current students, future students, and past students. However, there are certain factors you should be

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6 questions to ask before investing in education technology

questions to ask yourself before buying ERP fedena blog

Not all education technology is created for you   A couple of weeks ago we spoke about the six cool educational technology gizmos we really, really want to get our hands on.Now every person needs their cool toys, but education

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Automating communications with your School ERP and SMS

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For every school or institution, one of the most important building blocks is their communications. How admins communicate with each other, how the management is able to communicate to the faculties, how the school is able to communicate with parents

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7 Life saving tips for your Fedena account

7 Fedena school erp blog tips

Every school ERP implementation boils down to the same old thing- “The correctness of the data”. The more concise the data in the ERP the better it performs. And just like the way the human brain implements knowledge acquired from

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Updating information in your school ERP – Fedena

Fedena Bulk edit school ERP

“Things get done only if the data we gather can inform and inspire those in a position to make a difference.” ― Mike Schmoker   In an era of employing best practices in Data Analytics, it is important for people

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Student Photo Upload via Fedena API

Fedena School ERP - photo upload

The recent advancements in technology and connectivity have made schools jump on the bandwagon of digitizing their students’ records. This helps the schools in recording and fetching students’ data as and when needed, thereby assisting the school management in taking

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How Fedena Helps in Information Sharing

Fedena school erp information sharing

  An ERP aims to associate the structure across an organization in a way of systemizing the workflow, sharing information among departments and providing an insight into various business operations. The traditional methods of handling data and tracking information seems

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Technology in Education : In conversation with Will Richardson

  Could you tell us a little about yourself? I’m a former 22-year public school educator who has two teenagers and who started blogging about education way back in 2001. You can see all 3500+ blog posts on my site

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