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Why institutes need school management software?

Institutions are a vital part of our society, helping the young generation realize their dreams, and making them a contributing part of our society. A school is also responsible for a student’s growth as helps them in developing various skills while imparting knowledge and nurturing self-confidence. Which makes it essential to have the best managing tools as part of the institution.

Managing routine working-on manually has always been a daunting task for the management team. Due to an apparent lack of technology, administrators and other stakeholders have a difficult time achieving their designated goals in allotted time. As a result, the institute begins to lag behind other institutes, causing them to lose the desired candidate’s attention. Success in everyday tasks is what’s in demand of the emerging education system, and to achieve that you need a robust and comprehensive school management software which will automate your institution’s operations. It improves the efficiency and effectiveness of daily institutional operations. But how do you know, if it’s the time to have a smart school management system in your structure?

Here are some signs to detect if an institution needs a school management software:

Communication Gap:

“A healthy connection is the key to a good relationship”

As we have witnessed, organized parents-teacher meetings have been over-hyped to be useful, while they are quite subjective rather than being objective to the results. Due to this reason, the parents do not have a clear grasp about the performance of their children and are oblivious to their progress. Online school management software helps towards bridging the communication gap amongst the students, parents, and the teachers via instant notification, resulting in remarkable student progress.


“Exams are the key to assert the progress”

Conducting an examination is a hassle, which requires countless paperwork and laborious planning. Due to the time taking and cumbersome paperwork it becomes annoying for teachers as well as administrators. It’s not just the task of checking the answer sheets but also maintaining the records securely for a long duration. These kind of challenges are not only wasteful in time but also non-friendly for the environment. Such examination woes can be easily managed by using an ERP software.

Fees Submission:

“Nothing worth learning is free of cost”

Fee submission has been one of the most dreaded parts of a parent’s/guardian’s routine, not only does it hurt the wallet but is also a tiring and a tedious activity. To submit the fees in time, sometimes the caretakers miss their crucial work hours or the students miss their much-needed classes. The process of keeping the receipt safe is another part which has caused grieving hours for both the parties. With proper software in place,  such time taking activities can be performed instantaneously and with ease, parents can make online payments and keep track of the past payment history as well.

Bulk Data Management:

“No amount of paper can hold everything safely”

Accumulating entire records of school data on paper is not only quite wasteful but also infeasible. The records are always increasing, due to large enrollment activities, employee hiring process, and other organisational activities. So keeping track of all the records, and keeping it secure from prying eyes is not an easy task in itself. It is also not possible to recover damaged records due to natural disasters/problems. If all this seems very familiar, it’s about time you switched to a school management software.

Attendance Maintenance:

“Being present is the first step in readiness towards learning”

Regular attendance is an important part of discipline and shows alacrity for learning. It reflects the student’s moral code and shows their respect towards rules and discipline. It is a vital task of each institution often performed by the teachers, but due to its time-consuming aspect, involuntarily teachers lose precious time in this process. It causes a hindrance in the process of learning, as it is responsible towards loss of focus for both students and the teachers.

Gradebook management:

“What you earn in the end are just a set of letters, defining your entire academic year”

Designing various types of examinations and maintaining the records on paper not only mitigates the quality of teaching but also escalate the responsibility of teachers, which in turn affects student’s productivity. With the school management software, the school staff can easily manage and create various kind of examinations and keep the records on the consolidated platform, resulting in a microscopic scope of an error.

School ​ERP ​Software

Make your school ERP software work for you

Do you know what your school ERP software can actually do?

Last week we discussed three common signs that indicate your institution desperately needs School ERP software. This week, we dive a little deeper into what your institution specifically requires and what features you must check for when looking for the right school ERP software.

Not all of them are created equal!

The goal with your school ERP software should be that it takes over processes that are currently plaguing stakeholders – overwhelmed administrators should not be bogged by repetitive tasks. These processes can easily be automated through tech, leaving administrators to focus on handling real issues or reduce labour costs for the institution.

Similarly, an inability to handle scale must not prevent institutions from reaching their full potential. In situations where an entire student population has to be managed, the rate of human error is high, and understandably so. Asking an exhausted office administrator to make call after call to contact parents about a critical incident will lead to some calls slipping through the cracks. It is also time-consuming and expensive. School ERP software can easily take over this job.

Finally, personalised communications. This generation of scholars has grown up in an increasingly technologically rich world where they have had access to mediums catering to specifically them. Studies also show that personalization of education is the way of the future – it results in enriched learning and better educational and career outcomes in the long term.

So why should our school ERP software be left behind? The key lies in looking for a school ERP software that is robust enough to handle scale and multiple processes, but also capable of personalisation. The three problems described above are a good litmus test when choosing between competing school ERP software.

Here are the features to keep an eye out for in each scenario:

Handling admissions smoothly

Admission is a rigorous test for any school ERP software. The right one will be able to handle the entire process from end to end with no last mile collapses. A brief overview of features to look for include, a robust backend that can handle an influx of applications, an applicant and application management system, an internal dashboard or management system to help process incoming applications, a system that allows for easy categorization of applicants into lists, and communication of admissions decisions in a timely and private fashion. A school ERP software may offer you a lot of bells and whistles, but these features are a must-have.

Crisis communications at scale

The best response to any crisis is a well-prepared one. Having a management plan to handle every conceivable situation is necessary. Being familiar with the tools that will enable you to stick to the plan will give you the extra edge. What can a school ERP system do in a crisis? The right one for you will be able to immediately protect sensitive information by various accessibility levels for users, have parental or guardian information collated and updated online and offline in one place, will be able to schedule messages through the right medium depending on the occasion for these lists, and will have a single window display for school news and updates where parents and students can check for updates from a reliable official source in case of crises.

Personalised interactions for every single stakeholder

A gap in communication can spell lasting doom for students, teachers, and parents alike. On the flip side, a united front built on strong communication ensures all-around success. When looking for a school ERP software, pick one that allows for communication through multiple mediums – from SMS to instant messaging – between individuals and groups. This ensures confidentiality, personalisation, and a more focused feels to discussions

School Management Information System

Future of administration with school management information system

Managing the school administration has changed with the introduction of the school management information system over the last few years. Earlier lot of work was performed manually which resulted in flawed administration. But, the trend has been changing over the past few years as the schools have started adopting the school management system to manage the administrative and academic activities, which is definitely bringing a positive change in the schools. In most parts of the world, people are adopting such software supported system not only to lessen the burden but also managing the smooth functioning among various departments within schools.

The School Management System- The Umbrella

Schools are the base of education for children and if they do not receive the proper education then the future of the nation is lost. To save the future of children and to create a strong backbone for the nation the role of management information system in schools is extremely important. Such management information software integrates information from various areas and brings them under one umbrella to cut down on haphazard administration. It consists of several aspects like improving teaching standards, unhindered running of school admin, improving the budget of schools and also enhancing parental engagement which makes a positive impact on the lives and future of the students.

This obviously brings us to the question of easy accessibility of MIS in the education sector. Everyone seems to understand the importance of such systems in place but not many of us understand whether it is easily accessible or not. In order to build a better future and a bright one, the management information systems are irreplaceable. The key aspects of attendance and performance are handled nicely by this system. Also, this system contains diagrams, drag, and drop features which will make accessing the information easier for teachers and make it more intuitive.

Tracking and Progress

This makes easy for teachers to understand that where pupils are lacking in their academic growth and know how to address a class and penetrate the young minds and help them to deal with the barriers. School management information system promotes overall improvement for students because it provides insight on individual performance. These tools aid in tracking the progress of each student, the groups, and classes so that the teachers along with the management can alter the strategies of engaging students. The aim is to provide quality education for overall development of students. This tool helps the schools in achieving it. Sharing the student response or behaviour with authorities, stakeholders or even parents will enable you to choose the best practice to make a better future.

Information systems used in schools not only helping in to identifying and the improving weaker student groups but also aid in the everyday school running process. This is a mammoth task because there are so many teachers, students, and other staff who need constant monitoring. It is impossible for someone to do it manually. The student management system makes it easy to chart out the progress of each student singularly while the other aspects of managing resources and budgeting for school can also be done using the software. Robust data and analysis enhance accuracy in carrying out the daily activities. The finance solutions provided by the management system software are tailor-made and error free. It cuts down labour and time. They eliminate redundant duplication and automate repetitive tasks thus reducing the burden of manual labour. You can actually focus on other priorities to make the school a better place with the help of such software. As an added advantage, the use of software has reduced paperwork thus providing a clean desk for you to work.

Moreover, to access any information you do not need to go through pages after pages in files to find the relevant report. In fact, the information management system will magically reduce the costs of retaining back office people to update the reports. That can be done automatically thus getting rid of excess stuff and saving funds which can be utilized in a better way for the betterment of the school. It is fairly simple to use thus helping the school ensure that its money and resources are being used optimally.

Improving parental engagement has always been an issue with the schools. Now with this MIS in place, it is possible to improve parental engagement. Parents will feel more actively involved in their children’s progress thus helping the community to grow. Effective communication of teachers with parents is crucial for students development. They can contribute if they are aware of their child’s status in school. This will help build a better future for the kids.

MIS- Putting All Aspects Together

Usage of information system in the education sector has become common as it can manage the number of issues together. It is considered to be the changing face of education and the future also. According to market survey reports, the use of school and student management software has been increased since 2015. Both in primary and secondary level schools are using management software and finding it useful which is evident for the growth of purchase. However, the prep schools are yet to catch up with the secondary level schools. But that is temporary and it also comes from the fact that their study pattern is simpler hence management is easier.

e-Portal provided by such management systems are aimed towards engaging students, parents and also teachers together making them feel like a team towards achieving a common goal. Receiving first-hand information improves learning and promotes leadership as well. School’s data can be accessed by the local authorities thus letting them know the progress of the school. The management software is making the entire information system much more transparent so that people can depend a lot more on the accurate data. The school management information system comes up additional features helping the less significant aspects as well.

The school meal system has also been upgraded in certain areas with the help of the data provided by the software. MIS is touching every aspect of school administration and is increasing its purview day by day. Earlier, it was only capable of tracking a student’s progress but now it can provide budget plans, parental engagement and a lot more to ensure overall development of the education sector. There are features which forward a call to the parents of students in case they have not arrived at school thus making monitoring a lot easier. These can also responsible students as they will realize the importance of being present in school and enjoy the learning process.

Management Information System Making a Huge Difference

The role of management information system in schools is making a big difference in the lives of students, teachers, parents and the admin. It is also helping in improving the security and safety of students by a better monitoring system. School administration is realizing the importance of using such software and thus the competition is also increasing among the manufacturers to come up with all-inclusive management systems helping schools to do everything with the help of technology. This has increased opportunity as well as options for the schools to choose the best one among the lot.

Manufacturers are digging deep to provide unique solutions to the schools which will also prove to be good value for money. Since the school management software is going to be high in demand at least for the next decade; the manufacturers are including features that are unique to schools. The schools must compare the systems before making a purchase. The software will help you in achieving your target, but you must be clear about what your school must achieve and how you wish to go about it before buying.

This is the future of academic administration. The school management software will reduce work, enhance efficiency, eliminate errors in data, monitor progress, analyze data, identify trends and formulate a new path for success. In this world of IoT, schools should also have the opportunity to take advantage of the management system. Promoting integration and collaboration, the MIS is taking school administration to a different height where achieving balance and optimal use of resources is like a cake walk. Both individual students and the school in entirety will be benefitted thus making the future IT driven.


school erp system

Signs that your school needs a School ERP System

Don’t let the lack of the right school ERP system result in failure

Navigating school life can feel like fighting one minuscule batter after another. This is the case for everyone. For students, it’s coping with academic pressures and social agony of growing up. For educators, it’s trying to balance managing hormonal children for eight hours a day while also imparting constructive advice on methods of lifelong learning. For non-education staff or administrators, it is to ensure that the latter two don’t have their institution fall down around their ears while accomplishing their goals. For parents, it is building a sense of connection that their chosen school is standing tall in their stead and their children are being prepped well for what life has in store for them.

With all this chaos, any school’s best friend is a system or a process that will lend some sanity to their day to day. Technology, of course, has been the biggest boon for the education sector in this regard. A cutting-edge school ERP system can revolutionise the functioning of your institution in more ways than one. But, as anyone who has engaged with a school will know, the budget is always a constraint. Scrimping and saving is the educator’s ethos and things are not very different when it comes to implementing educational technology.

One must move with the times, but sensibly. Every rupee spent must bring a return, so how does one know when your school is in need of the latest educational technology fad.

So what are the signs that your school might be in desperate need of some technological assistance?

Take a quick glance below to see if any of these three seem familiar to you:

No amount of planning makes admissions a stress-free process

Ask any school administrator what the most stressful time of the year is and you will find an even split between those who find examinations as stressful as their students or those who will insist that admissions time is much tougher. Does your school seem to never be able to keep up with the demands of the day? You might plan for greater volumes, have back ups ready for when things go down, or even just resign yourself to the process. A robust school ERP system, however, is the only thing that is likely to make admissions run a little more smoothly than the year before.

You do not have an efficient crisis management plan in place

A school is a home away from home for the students it is educating. And a home must always be a safe haven for a child. However, in trying times like the present, schools are increasingly becoming targets in a chaotic world. Less terrifying is the inevitability of a child that chose to wander off or an act of god that has changed the routine. A school ERP system has communication portals – from instant, SMS alerts going out to the entire student directory to private communication between teachers, students, and parents – that make it easy to manage a crisis no matter how small or large.

Mishaps arise due to communication failures

Any psychologist will tell you that most conflict arises due to a failure in communication. It is not just children we are trying to educate to cope fruitfully with the outside world, but ourselves – the acquisition of good communication skills is a lifelong endeavour. A school ERP system provides multiple portals to enable us to achieve this goal. Instantaneous, easy, accessible, and most importantly, private communication channels on your school ERP system make connecting with a student, parent, teacher, or staff as easy as can be.

school information management system

The benefits of school information management system

School information management system enables institution daily activities to run in more smoother manner.

Growth and technology seem to be always in accompaniment of each other. Whenever and wherever you find one lacking you can also be sure that the other would not be there. This can be said about the domain of education as well. There is hardly any educational institution out there that has not been touched by this phenomenon known as technology. Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds – by a conservative estimate that is – in the last few years and they have embraced this change as they have understood how benefited they could be by them. After all, no one wants to get left behind in this day and age of technology.

How are schools embracing technology?

A big part of the schools’ embracing of technology has been using school information management system. It is not easy work, shaping and moulding the mind of today’s youngsters and as such a lot of work needs to be done behind the scenes. Even if you go back by a few years, schools would remain in touch with parents on a constant basis in an effort to apprise them of how well their wards were doing in school. As essential the task was, it used to be rather tedious as well.

Schools used to maintain a whole heap of registers just in order to keep track of whether students were attending school or not. A lot of data needed to be maintained as well as updated on paper on a regular basis. This is where school management system can come in and play such a major role by helping a school perform its functions in a smooth manner. With the help of this software, it can be possible for a school to perform its daily activities without any problem whatsoever. There are several reasons as to why an increasing number of schools is using this software on a regular basis.

An effective way of communication

One of the greatest benefits of student management software is that helps a school communicate in an effective way with the parents. With this software, a school administration would be in such a better position when it comes to sharing information and circulating. It would be able to do such work in a shorter span of time and in a much more efficient way too. With the help of such software, gone are the days when the schools needed to connect with parents regarding the condition of their child’s progress on a regular basis.

No longer do they need to communicate with their students all the latest things that may be happening in the school. All that the school staff now needs to do thanks to the data management systems for schools is connect with the parents online. This way, they are able to bridge the gaps in communication that may exist with respect to all the stakeholders – the parents, the students, and the school staff.    

A much better way to store data

The concept of school management software has now made life much easier for the schools as they are able to store data much better than how they were able to do earlier.

In any case, all the schools have plenty of data to deal with and there is a whole lot of information that needs to be stored away properly and maintained. Earlier people had to do this on paper and that meant paperwork that never seemed to end and heaps of ledgers and files that were really hard to keep track of. On top of that, they took up a lot of space that could be used for much better purposes.

It was worse, that they could perish quite easily and thus there was always significant risk associated with them. It was rather hard to maintain them and for the person who was tasked with the job of maintaining them nothing could have been more boring. This is the reason why people are now relieved to such an extent that they can use software, something that their predecessors were never able to use. The best thing about software is that unlike paper they do not get scattered everywhere and would not get lost that easily.

Now schools are able to keep all their data in one place and update them as well. Since the data stored in computers is not perishable it requires a lot less time to maintain it. This also means that less time is needed as well.

Better work quality

This also happens to be one of the major advantages of using such software. This software functions with a greater amount of convenience when compared to the methods of yore. It is able to put information together in a correct manner, sends notification as and when such a task needs to be performed, and is able to manage documents in a much easier way. Since this is software it is possible to not err while using it to the same extent as paperwork. The major reason for such a statement is the fact that here the software is doing all the work on your behalf.

More advantages of such software

Apart from the fact that schools need to keep track of data such software also comes in handy when it comes to maintaining and tracking data related to other important people in the system, such as teachers. It can be said without a shadow of a doubt that these systems have made life a lot easier for one and all.

It also helps that these products come with a wide range of features that really cover all the different operational aspects of an educational entity like a school. This includes the following:

  • attendance
  • online grade books
  • parental access to the progress of their students studying in that school
  • emergency information pertaining to students
  • scores of tests

The benefit of these products for the smaller schools

A number of the school information management systems that you see these days come loaded with features.

However, this does not necessarily mean that all schools would like them or that they would be a natural fit for all the schools out there. In fact, it has been seen that the bigger schools are averse to using them since they already have people who have the time to maintain all the records, statistics, and data that we have talked about just now. The smaller schools happen to be the biggest users of these software products. They may not necessarily always need all the features that are there in these programs.

As such they would be more comfortable with working with the scaled down versions of these systems. This way they would also be able to save time with the important task of student management. There would be no need to create a program from scratch that could easily overwhelm the way that they work. No matter what it is, there is always a school information management system out there that is sure to suit the needs of a school.

The importance of online grade book

As a feature, the online grade book is one of the best aspects of these systems.

Thanks to this feature teachers are able to grade the students from their home and as a result of that schools are able to print them out easily enough. This also reduces the need for the teachers to fill out grade cards manually and hand them over to the students – a process that can be time-consuming apart from being tedious to the hilt. It is expected that in the foreseeable future these systems would be integral parts of the schools all around.

Other beneficial features of these systems

Yet another important name in this regard would be the attendance tracking feature.

This is one feature that is sure to make life a whole lot better for the teachers and the parents. There is a major benefit of taking attendance online. It allows people such as the building secretaries to see who has taken attendance during the morning hours and who has not. It is not as if this is meant only for students. Even teachers can be reminded that they need to take attendance. All this helps the school perform tasks in a much more efficient manner. It is also possible to keep track of things such as absences that may not be excused as per the school’s rules.

school management system

Student management system to improve student’s performance in the institution

The ultimate goal of any educational institution is to provide a platform where the students can excel and reach one step closer to their future career goals. It’s the care and process that decides how the students take up essential techniques at a very tender age and utilize these in their lifetime. With the educational sector evolving every minute, there has been a lot of technological intervene that is making the difference. Student management system is the package of these techniques. The performance can be enhanced using the tool and implementing it on a large scale is vital. It is the symbiotic relationship between the parents and the school that makes it possible for the students to achieve and acquire maximum.

Benefits of implementing student management system:

The benefits are limitless when you utilize the student management system at your organization. It incorporates transparency that leads to desirable results. Let’s find out some of the benefits of these systems:

Enhancing teacher’s standards

Several methods enable a teacher to improve the teaching standards. The tool can help the teacher to implement new learning method in their teaching sessions that in turn will help the students to gain the best.

Reduces the Communication Gaps 

A management software built a bridge between the teachers and the parents. A proper and direct communication between the teacher and the students enables both the parties to provide the best solutions for the improvement of the students. That is the primary goal of any educational institute.

Attendance automation

The traditional ways of attendance are replaced by the automated way when you implement software at your school. This reduces the time involved in these attendance sessions. Hence more time for quality learning sessions.

Online forums and assignments

When assignments are online then process become fast, and at the same time, the parents can keep track of these assignments that the students are doing.

Student tracking

It is a single platform that can help the institution and the parents to track the activities of the students in different areas such as curriculum, sports, cultural events, and improvements.

Grades and score management

It provides an easy way of grading the performance of the students which is entirely transparent and at same is easily accessible for the school and the parents.

Time Management

The tools enable the administration to track the time at a swift and effortless ways. It saves time and also increases the transparency. One can access the attendance records of any employee.

These are some of the benefits of implementing a student management system at an educational institute. Automation always saves time. It reduces the amount of human resource that is required in the traditional ways of managing these sectors. It reduces the amount of money necessary for these areas to run smoothly. Implementing these tools also provides a scope for parents and the organization to be very much loyal to each other as most of the things get transparent with these systems.

university ERP software

How Management Benefits from University ERP Software

Ensure longevity with the right university ERP software

The role of management in an educational institution is often shrouded in mystery. Somewhere between mater and money source, management can often get the short end of the stick when it comes to the difference they make. But like any student with a strict teacher will tell you, it’s the challenges they pose that help make an institution better.

One can argue that management is given a bad rap, precisely because of this reputation of being difficult.

But is this stereotype a fair one?

When one thinks about it, management is often the entity making the tough but necessary decisions for any educational institution. Whether it is the hard decision of setting admissions criteria, deciding on who gets an infrastructural update and who doesn’t, or the perennially stressful and ever-looming threat of financial constraints, management is the one having to deal with these matters head-on.

Management is not a faceless entity, removed from the heart of a school or university, making decisions without a second thought. Often, they are trying to make decisions that are sustainable in nature, for the long-lasting benefit of the university. These decisions ensure longevity for teachers, non-education staff and students. It means that an institution can continue to do what they set out to accomplish in the first place – creating spaces to educate and empower young minds.

Do they seem less villainous now?

While their work seems like it doesn’t require much technical support, university ERP software helps management make better decisions. Below are three ways in which the right university ERP software aid management:

More Effective Internal Communication

Effective communication is what ensures that universities run like well-oiled machines. The right university ERP software will have a robust communication system that enables easy messaging between teachers, non-education staff, administrators, students, parents, and management. Easing communication between management and the various stakeholders in the university would mean that everyone is working on the same page. The removal of barriers is key to increase clarity in communication. So whether it is a group chat for a class discussion or SMS alerts being sent to parents, timeliness and efficacy in communication services is key to the efficient running of any university.

Better Branding for the University

With rising tuition costs, universities now have to offer more to students and parents in order to be able to remain on the radar for future thinkers of the country. Partnering with the right university ERP system signals that your institution is future ready and technology friendly – a must for any student in the 21st century. A university ERP system can make or break a university’s status in an increasingly globalised world. The current pool from which a university is recruiting students has grown up with intuitive technology that seamlessly integrates with their daily lives and does away with redundancies. The right university ERP system will continue this during their educational careers.

Cost Effectiveness

A university ERP system can be one of the best partners, anyone, making management decisions can have. Why? A university ERP system is built to manage processed more cost-effectively. The greatest time and money sink for a lot of educational institutions are repetitive but unavoidable processes. From admissions to fee collection, to the generation of report cards, these are highly personalised procedures that take place at ever increasing scale. The right university ERP system can help management free up funds by automating these processes. This makes for a definite win for teachers and students who are always in need of more resources.

Education ERP System

Managing​ ​Disciplinary​ ​Issues​ ​Higher​ ​Education​ ​ERP​ ​System

Ensure productive rehabilitation with the right Higher Education ERP System

Adolescence is a time of raging hormones that make emotions run high. Now put a group of adolescents together for 8 hours a day in a highly disciplined environment, and there is bound to be conflict. Managing conflicts that aren’t just playground fights or name-calling in the classroom becomes a part of the job for any teacher, parent and non-education staff at a school.

But why is it so important to manage disciplinary issues in a systematic fashion?

The obvious answer is that disciplinary issues must be handled uniformly for all students in order to prevent bias. While parents, teachers, and administrators might have the best of intentions, they too are human and bring human biases with them to any given situation. Having a standard operating procedure to follow will help contain – to some degree – these biases, ensuring that the focus is on disciplining the child, and not the playing out of a person’s individual issues.

A higher education ERP system is the perfect companion to implementing this set of rules and regulations that are activated upon a disciplinary incident occurring. A higher education ERP system that is robust but flexible, like Fedena, will be able to efficiently handle a variety of complaints in a systematic manner.

High school students have a lot on their plate. In most schools, qualifying exams that determine a student’s educational and career trajectory are conducted when they are between the ages of 15 and 17.

Disciplinary issues only add to this stress in addition to serving as a massive distraction. This is where attention to detail matters – leaving a student, even one on the cusp of adulthood, in the dark, where outcomes are uncertain, are an unnecessary trigger that might result in negative responses. This is unnecessary when the goal is not just to discipline a student for an infraction, but also arrive at the root of the problem and address it effectively. When the real issue is unearthed, the rehabilitation process can begin. A successful one will involve all stakeholders in the student’s life – from parents to teachers, to administrators, and, finally, the student themselves.

Here are 4 small but vital features a higher education ERP system offers that help these stakeholders make this process easier and more productive for everyone:

Accessible Contact details

The first step of addressing any disciplinary issue is intimating every one of the processes that follows next in a swift, efficient, and personal fashion. Scrambling to find guardian and student contact information is a waste of resources. 360-degree accessibility of this information should be a must-have in any higher education ERP system.

Disciplinary Record Maintenance

Having a cumulative record of all infractions conducted by a student in the higher education ERP system helps create deeper insights to any repeat issues or patterns that might be emerging. It is the place investigations will begin to unearth the underlying issue, if one exists.

Individualized Fee Records

Every disciplinary incident has a consequence – often this is levied in the form of fines or damages. A higher education ERP system allows you to add these fines, along with details, to the student’s existing fee records. This also allows parents to pay these fees on the go through platforms like Fedena.

Personalised Communication

Every student – even ones that are considered bad apples – have a right to a free and fair hearing. Some students might be hesitant to communicate publically. A higher education ERP system that contains a messaging module that lets students communicate easily with their teachers and the non-education staff is an asset to understanding the student’s side of things. Similarly, parents too can maintain private conversations with an institution.

gradebook management system

Modern gradebook management system to meet pedagogical goals

Education has played a vital role towards promoting the civilizations and evolving us to what we are today. Though education can be imparted through various means and mediums, school and institutional level education has been the most accepted way to impart the knowledge to our upcoming generations. Since this kind of education is vital for everyone’s growth, it is also important for the educators to evaluate how far a pupil has progressed in their learning. An examination, though widely disliked by many students it is the only way to push them past the barrier of being just a novice to a well-learned individual who’s gladly accepted in an uplifted society.

Every person goes through various trials in their life to adjust themselves in this fast-growing economy, where skills and knowledge are essential for their livelihood. Educators and institutions organize various examinations to evaluate who’s on the top and are most likely to succeed. To access each and every individual isn’t an easy job and requires a test of various virtues, the test of character and other qualities to qualify them for their career of choosing. This is accomplished by organising various types of tests including surprise tests, creativity tests via assignments, quizzes, etc. Managing and keeping track of each and every type of test creates quite a hassle and is daunting to maintain. When this is coupled with holding the academic records ranging for past years, it just becomes unattainable.

Keeping track of every student’s growth is the part of an educator’s job and it is greatly hampered when they’re supposed to act like a record keeper as well. This either results in a dipping quality in their teaching standards or they’re not able to focus on students who need more attention. Maintaining everything in writing also escalates the responsibilities and in turn results in large waste of paper. These records cannot be kept for long and fall into decay. Such actions are very harming the environment and with few careful measures, we can eliminate the possibility of such wastage.

With the dawn of digital technology, the longevity of the records has been waxed to extend beyond the lifetime. It has also mitigated the laborious work of teachers so they can focus more on the productivity of students. With careful consideration and keeping these problems in focus, Fedena recently launched the beta version of Gradebook through which the staff can easily manage and create various kind of examinations and keep the records on the consolidated platform.

Advantages of using the gradebook management system in institutions:

  • Single platform for the parents to view the result as soon as it is updated on the platform.
  • Eliminates long waiting queues and the data is available as per the viewer’s need.
  • Exponentially reduces the chance of a human error.

Triton: Fedena 3.6

The latest update to Fedena 3.6 version has been released. We code named this release Triton, the largest natural satellite of Neptune and it is not without reason we selected this name. With this release, we are introducing the beta version of Gradebook to manage and create various types of exams. Traditionally gradebook was used by teachers to record marks of students in different exams. With the advent of digital technology, recording of marks has moved from paper to the screen but the process is still integral to any institution engaged in education. This release is dedicated to an equally important educator and mathematician from history – Muhammad ibn Musa Al-Khwarizmi

Al-Khwarizmi was a Persian scholar and mathematician from the House of Wisdom in Baghdad. While few details are known about his early life and birth, a lot of his works have been translated into Latin which helped spread them across the Middle East and Europe. He contributed to a variety of fields in his lifetime including astronomy, geography and mathematics. However, he is best remembered for a book written in 820 CE known as the Compendious Book on Calculation by Completion and Balancing (Arabic: Hisab Al-jabr w’al-muqabala). The branch of mathematics we know today as Algebra  was derived from a term Al-jabr he used in the book to denote the concept of adding numbers to both sides of the equation to consolidate or cancel terms. He popularized this concept and taught it as an independent discipline. His time was a golden phase with various developments in the fields of mathematics.

Did you know his name the words Algorithm and Algorism were derived from the latin form of this name Algoritmi?

What is new in Triton?

  • Gradebook (Beta)

This all new module is developed to be used for different types of examination systems. In this beta version,  it is made compatible for the new CBSE examination system with support for other types of exams coming in upcoming releases. Exam planners are structures that allow different exam combinations. Each planner can be divided into terms and each term can have one or more exams

                                                              Fig: Exam Plan creation

Each planner is linked to an academic year and assigned to courses. All batches in the academic year in these courses will have access to the planner. Once the planner is created, the exams are added to the planner. Exams can be subject exams and non subject based activity exams. Subject based exams can be a direct mark entry or based on different parameters. Two or more subject based exams can be connected using derived exams to generate a single result.

                                                         Fig: Exam types in planner

  • Fee print settings

Fee print settings allow to configure signature label, showing amount in words, custom footer text  etc. These settings can be used to configure the receipt as per the format followed by the institution.

  • Employee revert

This new feature allows reverting an archived employee back. Such a revert can be used in case an employee is deleted by mistake.

  • Consolidated subject wise attendance report

Generate a consolidated report of attendance in all subjects for a particular date range. Option to show hours attended, percentage or both.

  • Siblings report

All siblings in the institution are listed along with the contact details of father/mother/guardian. The report can be filtered class wise to take the report of siblings of each student in the class.

  • Academic year

The academic year is a new addition to Fedena to differentiate data across different sessions. Each batch will now have an academic year instead of batch start and end dates and one academic year will be active at any time.

Note: Academic year will be first implemented in the Gradebook beta version and later adopted to other modules. You will need to link the academic year for each batches before starting to use the gradebook.

What’s enhanced in Fedena

  • Fee Defaulter report

The fee defaulters report in the reports module now has a link to send an SMS reminder to users. The SMS is sent out to students (and guardians if available and enabled) with the total fees due as on date.

  • Transfer certificate generator

TC generator header settings now allow more space for custom header. Additional details like certificate name, date of issue can be also configured when using a custom header.

  • Fee receipts

Fee receipt designs have been standardized to a match a uniform style and made more compact.

Source: Wikipedia

3​ ​Must​ ​Haves​ ​When​ ​Shopping​ ​for​ ​​Multi​ ​School​ ​ERP Software

Maximize the utility your multi school ERP software brings to your institution

We have spoken extensively on the Fedena blog on how a good school management software can help with students, teachers, parents, and non education staff achieve their scholarly and professional goals. But what about schools with multiple centers and branches? From two branches in the same city to being the sole institution of repute in a remote outpost, having a school management software that can’t handle the complexities of multiple schools is a useful weapon in any administrator’s arsenal.

Every institution’s processes are unique to it – from finances to class management. A robust school management system is one that is able to flexibly adapt to these changing processes. However, in the case of multiple schools under the aegis of one institution, a good multi school ERP software is one that can bring some uniformity to the processes across each school. This makes across-the-board management much easier.

School management software solutions can be found in plenty in the education technology sector. While good and bad apples exist in any system, by and large they offer to perform similar functions for their users. So what sets platforms like Fedena apart? It is not just the great features they offer to their users. It is also the ethical commitment they have made to the education and education technology field, by offering their basic product as open source, while also bolstering this commitment with their pledge to provide support to users of the product.

All this on top of the fact that Fedena is so versatile, it can be used in a multitude of settings to cater to a variety of different needs. But back to what your school needs. Here are the three key features you must look for when shopping for the right multi school ERP software that is just right for your institution:


One of the defining features of a good multi school ERP software is its ability to handle scale. This means that your multi school ERP software should be able to handle everything from payroll for teachers and staff with differing salary bands across all your schools, down to dormitory assignment details across all hostels. A good multi school ERP software will be able to handle the sheer volume of running processes swiftly and seamlessly without glitches.


A second defining factor is flexibility. A good multi school ERP software will be able to handle the micro-adjustments to be made to various processes from school to school – like needs based fee adjustments for students with special requirements. However, at the end of the day, your multi school ERP must still produce a standardised output for the user to parse. The ability to handle scale while still accounting for versatility is a rare quality for any multi school ERP to have – Fedena being an open source product makes it more easily customisable to your school’s needs.


A third defining feature is robustness. During peak times like admissions and onboarding or school fee processing, your multi school ERP software must help ease the stress not slow things down. A multi school ERP software that frequently times out on a task or fails to be agile is a liability for a school, not an asset. This is where the ethics that Fedena is built on comes into play. The fact that the platform is open source and has a strong support team backing it up is what keeps this multi school ERP software up and running where its competitors fail.