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Exploring the Unique Advantages of Online Classrooms

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  In a layman’s term, a classroom must entail some building with desks and a chalkboard where students and their teacher meet to engage on matters of academic interest. Thinking of a classroom in such terms is right but not

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Participate in Green Schools Programme and Take your First step towards a Greener Future

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  Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), the New Delhi-based public interest group, is conducting the Green Schools Programme (GSP). This programme has been running for past eight years and 2500+ schools across India have carried out a rigorous audit

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Online Collaboration in E-learning: Tips and Tools


  All around the globe we are witnessing a transition towards collaborative learning. Our idea of collaborative learning arises from problem-based, case-based learning, team work, discussions, and other ways in which student is an active part in the learning process.

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Is Online Learning Catchy Enough to Replace the Classroom?

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In an era where most toddlers are comfortable with a smartphone as with crayon, it would be foolish to think that the traditional model of education will survive as is. Innovation demands constant change, most of which is evident in

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