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Four Unexpected Education Technology Tools That Will Transform Your Classroom

These education technology tools were under your nose all along     Education technology is growing by leaps and bounds, supported by an immense amount of credible research and backed by robust engineering. We’ve spoken on this blog before about

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Project Sampoorna – The School Management System Every Indian Student Deserves

Proven results in scale and effectiveness for our nation     In 2011, the Government of Kerala took on the ambitious challenge of better serving its students by more efficiently managing their school record details. The end-goal was to make

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Are Your School Report Cards Communicating To Parents Or Confusing Parents?

The Changing Role Of Schools In Society     A few decades ago, schools could be defined as fundamental centres for imparting knowledge and formation of the citizen according to the constitution. However, with changing economies, shrinking families and increasing

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A Report Card Built For Parents

Better design can result in more comprehensive report cards       For your average parent, the report card is the first and oftentimes only reference we have to assess how our child is doing in school. It is a

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The Role of Education Technology in the Humanities

How the state of the arts can be improved with education technology     Education technology products proliferate the market today, but most of them are focused on learning in the areas of science, technology or maths. The humanities are

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4 ways to use classroom technology to engage students

Classroom technology might be the solution to this age old issue     Ask any teacher, and they’ll tell you that a balmy Friday afternoon class, right after lunch break, is not exactly conducive to teaching the nitty gritty of

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Important Factors to Consider Before Developing a Website for Your School or College

Are you thinking about developing a new website for your school or college? Having this online facility is an effective way to communicate with parents, current students, future students, and past students. However, there are certain factors you should be

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Fedena Support Desk: The CBSE Assessment update

“Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature’s inexorable imperative.” – H. G. Wells   Right from the day CBSE announced its plans of the Uniform System of Assessment, we have been receiving a flood of tickets and emails from

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Ganymede : Fedena 3.5.4

Fedena 3.5.4 – Ganymede is out and we hope you are as excited as we are. This release brings a fresh, new applicant registration module with a whole bag full of new features and enhancements while removing some not so

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Ganymede : Fedena 3.5.4 Release Notes

  What’s new in Fedena Here is the list of new features included with this release of Fedena 3.5.4 Feature Description User Role Module Applicant Registration Customize forms, configure custom applicant status, add instructions to fill up the form and

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