gradebook management system

Modern gradebook management system to meet pedagogical goals

Education has played a vital role towards promoting the civilizations and evolving us to what we are today. Though education can be imparted through various means and mediums, school and institutional level education has been the most accepted way to impart the knowledge to our upcoming generations. Since this kind of education is vital for everyone’s growth, it is also important for the educators to evaluate how far a pupil has progressed in their learning. An examination, though widely disliked by many students it is the only way to push them past the barrier of being just a novice to a well-learned individual who’s gladly accepted in an uplifted society.

Every person goes through various trials in their life to adjust themselves in this fast-growing economy, where skills and knowledge are essential for their livelihood. Educators and institutions organize various examinations to evaluate who’s on the top and are most likely to succeed. To access each and every individual isn’t an easy job and requires a test of various virtues, the test of character and other qualities to qualify them for their career of choosing. This is accomplished by organising various types of tests including surprise tests, creativity tests via assignments, quizzes, etc. Managing and keeping track of each and every type of test creates quite a hassle and is daunting to maintain. When this is coupled with holding the academic records ranging for past years, it just becomes unattainable.

Keeping track of every student’s growth is the part of an educator’s job and it is greatly hampered when they’re supposed to act like a record keeper as well. This either results in a dipping quality in their teaching standards or they’re not able to focus on students who need more attention. Maintaining everything in writing also escalates the responsibilities and in turn results in large waste of paper. These records cannot be kept for long and fall into decay. Such actions are very harming the environment and with few careful measures, we can eliminate the possibility of such wastage.

With the dawn of digital technology, the longevity of the records has been waxed to extend beyond the lifetime. It has also mitigated the laborious work of teachers so they can focus more on the productivity of students. With careful consideration and keeping these problems in focus, Fedena recently launched the beta version of Gradebook through which the staff can easily manage and create various kind of examinations and keep the records on the consolidated platform.

Advantages of using the gradebook management system in institutions:

  • Single platform for the parents to view the result as soon as it is updated on the platform.
  • Eliminates long waiting queues and the data is available as per the viewer’s need.
  • Exponentially reduces the chance of a human error.

Triton: Fedena 3.6 Release Note

New and enhanced features in the latest release of Fedena 3.6

Triton release note

What’s new in Fedena

Here is the list of new features included with this release of Fedena 3.6

Feature Description User Role Module
Gradebook This all new module is developed to be used for different types of examination systems. In the first phase it is made compatible for the new CBSE examination system with support for other types of exams coming in later phases.

It allows the creation of multiple examination structures called exam plans can be further divided into one or more terms. Both subject based and non subject based evaluations can be created and marked. Subject based exams can be graded on parameters (called attribute profiles). Activity profiles are used to evaluate non subject based exams.

Note: This is the beta version of the Gradebook module with more features and functionality coming soon in the coming days.

Administrator, Privileged Employee, Student, Parent Gradebook
Fee print settings Fee print settings allow to configure signature label, showing amount in words, custom footer text  etc. These settings can be used to configure the receipt as per the format followed by the institution. Administrator, Privileged Employee Finance
Employee revert This new feature allows reverting an archived employee back. Such a revert can be used in case an employee is deleted by mistake.

Note: Subject associations and timetable entries done for the employee are not reverted.

Administrator, Privilege Employee Human Resources
Consolidated subject wise attendance report Generate a consolidated report of attendance in all subjects for a particular date range. Option to show hours attended, percentage or both. Administrator, Privileged Employee Attendance
Siblings report All siblings in the institution are listed along with the contact details of father/mother/guardian. The report can be filtered class wise to take the report of siblings of each student in the class. Administrator, Privileged Employee Reports
Academic year The academic year is a new addition to Fedena to differentiate data across different sessions. Each batch will now have an academic year along with batch start and end dates and one academic year will be active at any time.

Note: Academic year will be first implemented in the Gradebook beta version and later adopted to other modules. You will need to link the academic year for each batches before starting to use the gradebook.

Administrator, Privileged Employee Settings

What’s enhanced in Fedena

Here is the list of enhanced features included with this release of Fedena 3.6

Feature Description User Role Module
Fee defaulters report The fee defaulters report in the reports module now has a link to send an SMS reminder to users. The SMS is sent out to students (and guardians if available and enabled) with the total fees due as on date. Administrator, Privileged Employee Reports
Transfer certificate generator TC generator header settings now allow more space for custom header. Additional details like certificate name, date of issue can be also configured when using a custom header. The overall design has also been improved to fit more data in a single page. Administrator, Privileged Employee Transfer Certificate
Fee receipts Fee receipt designs have been standardized to a match a uniform style and made more compact. Administrator, Privileged Employee, Student Finance

Issues Fixed

  • Here is the list of issues fixed in this release of Fedena 3.6


  • Issue with attendance report for new admissions fixed

Custom Report

  • Error in custom report on taking a report with deleted employee additional details fixed


  • Exam events not updating after exams are edited


  • ICSE report displaying 0 instead of hyphen(-) when marks are not available
  • Rounding off issue in CWA and ICSE exam types fixed
  • Fixed the problem of incorrect aggregate grade for GPA grouped exam report

Data Export

  • Optimizations in code to speed up generation of data export reports


  • Online payment reference id no. not present in collection wise fee summary PDF
  • Print issue in fee receipt with new version of Google Chrome fixed
  • Problem with advanced search in fee receipts page


  • Issue with fee defaulter report listing showing non defaulters corrected


  • Fixed issue of all students getting selected in broadcast message


  • Automatic Timetable generator issue with same batch tutor assigned for more than one batch fixed


  • Fixed the issue of education field not showing in Guardian Profile details

Deprecated in Fedena

Data Export: XML export, a rarely used option, has been deprecated from Data Export as part of optimizing the generation of reports. The CSV export option remains.

Triton: Fedena 3.6

The latest update to Fedena 3.6 version has been released. We code named this release Triton, the largest natural satellite of Neptune and it is not without reason we selected this name. With this release, we are introducing the beta version of Gradebook to manage and create various types of exams. Traditionally gradebook was used by teachers to record marks of students in different exams. With the advent of digital technology, recording of marks has moved from paper to the screen but the process is still integral to any institution engaged in education. This release is dedicated to an equally important educator and mathematician from history – Muhammad ibn Musa Al-Khwarizmi

Al-Khwarizmi was a Persian scholar and mathematician from the House of Wisdom in Baghdad. While few details are known about his early life and birth, a lot of his works have been translated into Latin which helped spread them across the Middle East and Europe. He contributed to a variety of fields in his lifetime including astronomy, geography and mathematics. However, he is best remembered for a book written in 820 CE known as the Compendious Book on Calculation by Completion and Balancing (Arabic: Hisab Al-jabr w’al-muqabala). The branch of mathematics we know today as Algebra  was derived from a term Al-jabr he used in the book to denote the concept of adding numbers to both sides of the equation to consolidate or cancel terms. He popularized this concept and taught it as an independent discipline. His time was a golden phase with various developments in the fields of mathematics.

Did you know his name the words Algorithm and Algorism were derived from the latin form of this name Algoritmi?

What is new in Triton?

  • Gradebook (Beta)

This all new module is developed to be used for different types of examination systems. In this beta version,  it is made compatible for the new CBSE examination system with support for other types of exams coming in upcoming releases. Exam planners are structures that allow different exam combinations. Each planner can be divided into terms and each term can have one or more exams

                                                              Fig: Exam Plan creation

Each planner is linked to an academic year and assigned to courses. All batches in the academic year in these courses will have access to the planner. Once the planner is created, the exams are added to the planner. Exams can be subject exams and non subject based activity exams. Subject based exams can be a direct mark entry or based on different parameters. Two or more subject based exams can be connected using derived exams to generate a single result.

                                                         Fig: Exam types in planner

  • Fee print settings

Fee print settings allow to configure signature label, showing amount in words, custom footer text  etc. These settings can be used to configure the receipt as per the format followed by the institution.

  • Employee revert

This new feature allows reverting an archived employee back. Such a revert can be used in case an employee is deleted by mistake.

  • Consolidated subject wise attendance report

Generate a consolidated report of attendance in all subjects for a particular date range. Option to show hours attended, percentage or both.

  • Siblings report

All siblings in the institution are listed along with the contact details of father/mother/guardian. The report can be filtered class wise to take the report of siblings of each student in the class.

  • Academic year

The academic year is a new addition to Fedena to differentiate data across different sessions. Each batch will now have an academic year instead of batch start and end dates and one academic year will be active at any time.

Note: Academic year will be first implemented in the Gradebook beta version and later adopted to other modules. You will need to link the academic year for each batches before starting to use the gradebook.

What’s enhanced in Fedena

  • Fee Defaulter report

The fee defaulters report in the reports module now has a link to send an SMS reminder to users. The SMS is sent out to students (and guardians if available and enabled) with the total fees due as on date.

  • Transfer certificate generator

TC generator header settings now allow more space for custom header. Additional details like certificate name, date of issue can be also configured when using a custom header.

  • Fee receipts

Fee receipt designs have been standardized to a match a uniform style and made more compact.

Source: Wikipedia

3​ ​Must​ ​Haves​ ​When​ ​Shopping​ ​for​ ​​Multi​ ​School​ ​ERP Software

Maximize the utility your multi school ERP software brings to your institution

We have spoken extensively on the Fedena blog on how a good school management software can help with students, teachers, parents, and non education staff achieve their scholarly and professional goals. But what about schools with multiple centers and branches? From two branches in the same city to being the sole institution of repute in a remote outpost, having a school management software that can’t handle the complexities of multiple schools is a useful weapon in any administrator’s arsenal.

Every institution’s processes are unique to it – from finances to class management. A robust school management system is one that is able to flexibly adapt to these changing processes. However, in the case of multiple schools under the aegis of one institution, a good multi school ERP software is one that can bring some uniformity to the processes across each school. This makes across-the-board management much easier.

School management software solutions can be found in plenty in the education technology sector. While good and bad apples exist in any system, by and large they offer to perform similar functions for their users. So what sets platforms like Fedena apart? It is not just the great features they offer to their users. It is also the ethical commitment they have made to the education and education technology field, by offering their basic product as open source, while also bolstering this commitment with their pledge to provide support to users of the product.

All this on top of the fact that Fedena is so versatile, it can be used in a multitude of settings to cater to a variety of different needs. But back to what your school needs. Here are the three key features you must look for when shopping for the right multi school ERP software that is just right for your institution:


One of the defining features of a good multi school ERP software is its ability to handle scale. This means that your multi school ERP software should be able to handle everything from payroll for teachers and staff with differing salary bands across all your schools, down to dormitory assignment details across all hostels. A good multi school ERP software will be able to handle the sheer volume of running processes swiftly and seamlessly without glitches.


A second defining factor is flexibility. A good multi school ERP software will be able to handle the micro-adjustments to be made to various processes from school to school – like needs based fee adjustments for students with special requirements. However, at the end of the day, your multi school ERP must still produce a standardised output for the user to parse. The ability to handle scale while still accounting for versatility is a rare quality for any multi school ERP to have – Fedena being an open source product makes it more easily customisable to your school’s needs.


A third defining feature is robustness. During peak times like admissions and onboarding or school fee processing, your multi school ERP software must help ease the stress not slow things down. A multi school ERP software that frequently times out on a task or fails to be agile is a liability for a school, not an asset. This is where the ethics that Fedena is built on comes into play. The fact that the platform is open source and has a strong support team backing it up is what keeps this multi school ERP software up and running where its competitors fail.

5 Enhancements in fee management system

The management of fee will always be the primary process of the finance department of an institution. Thus the fee collection and records should be kept in a proper manner. Here, the fee receipt will be considered as the vital proof for collecting the fee from students. In our journey towards making the best fee management system for the institute, we have brought in new enhancements which talks more with the stakeholders.

Align your institute name:-

This features enables you to select alignment of your institution name in Fee receipt which suites your institution format.

 Show amount in words:-

Here, you can show the amount in words which typically demand any payment receipts from an ERP. This makes the receipt more compatible with accounting records. The users will also have the option to select the wording system based on your area.

 Custom footer text:-

Now you can add the list of instruction which should be communicated through the receipt to help your fee collection and recording process more transparent.

Custom label for signature:-

Add your custom label for the signature part. Now you can change the word signature to any labels as your institute follows.

Space optimization:-

As part of the mission to reduce carbon footprints, the fee receipt space has been optimized with the maximum of data. This will help to accommodate the higher volume of data which can be can be shown in single/half fee receipt which enables the institute to save printing cost and time as well.

university management software

​Secure​ ​Campus​ ​with​ ​University​ ​Management​ ​Software

Ensure student safety with the right university management software

The world is in turmoil. This might seem like a rather obvious statement considering the recent political and social scenario, both in India and abroad. Unfortunately, young people in the country, including students, are not insulated from the effects of decisions often taken in chambers beyond their reach and control. One particularly frightening effect is the very real threat to their bodily security on a day to day basis. From campus shootings perpetrated by gunmen who are not a part of the university ecosystem to their fellow scholars harassing them on their way from hostel to class, students, especially those that already come from vulnerable communities, are increasingly exposed to danger.

Now, we live in a world that is not foolproof. It is not possible for any institution to absolutely guarantee against Acts of God or unpredictable events. But that does not mean that safeguards cannot be put in place. Preparation is key. Having an action plan in place is half the battle when the unthinkable happens. Adhering to a plan of action might result in saving very real lives and ensuring students on a campus get home.

A university management software is not just a platform that can help manage the academic side of things in an institution, but a system that can help you manage many eventualities. These include security concerns that the modern day educational institution might have. Below are four features the Fedena university management software has that will help you kickstart building a response protocol to security threats at your university, school, or college. These are features you must look for when considering the right university management software to purchase for your institution:

Guardian Details Available Immediately

A university management software must provide access to administrators, security personnel, or other authorities easy access to guardian details for their students. Whether it is something as benign as a student who is under the weather needing a ride home from the university clinic or a circumstance where next of kin needs to be contacted by the authorities, having one window access to guardian details in your university management software is a must.

Automated SMS alerts

Mobile phones are a necessary evil and an ubiquitous one on any university campus in this day and age. While professors loathe them for the easy escape they become for an easily distracted classroom, a university management software that is powered to send out automated text messages to students and parents is a god send in times of security crises. Fedena is a university management software where this can be easily set up.

Campus Updates

A university management system that allows regular campus updates can have a wide range of applications – from keeping students in the loop on day to day campus activities to serving as a quick campus wide messaging system. In case of a security breach, it is an easy way to let students check for updates across devices. This is especially useful in case mobile networks are down making individual SMS alerts useless.

Transport Management

At the end of the day, we all want to get home safe and sound. A university often has their internal bus, metro, or car pool services offered to students who live off campus and commute in everyday. A university management system that allows tracking of these vehicles across devices and platforms is not just useful for a student who wants to know when the next bus arrives at their nearest stop but also serves as valuable information for people looking for a safe ride home.

advancement in your institute

Idea to bring advancement in your institute

Innovation isn’t just a word but an idea which brought changes to the world in very unexpected yet pleasant ways. The world knew the comfort of supermarkets, with giants like Walmart, but it was Jeff Bezos who brought in the brilliant and revolutionary idea of casual online shopping. Another famous contribution from Google who popularized the idea of digital marketing making the world approachable for even the smallest of businesses. Looking at recent innovative companies, we find a man behind several such innovative ideas in his fast growing eco-friendly companies; Elon Musk. The three major successes in Tesla, SolarCity and SpaceX have promised to change the world for the better.

All these great thinkers have led the world towards a stream of innovative ideas by not only making the life of everyday user easier but also bringing the world closer. Looking at every one of them, it is easy to see they were radical thinkers and not belonging to any pack, making them capable to design an experience which is exclusive to their users. The concept of 0 to 1 targets such individual ideas and decisions which make your institution stand out. With the herald of online e-commerce platforms we have seen several new ones pop-up, eager to enjoy the success of its predecessor. This kind of thinking is not innovative and has been responsible for stagnating the market growth, as new inventive ideas are unable to pop up. This 1 to n thinking makes you seen as a competitor at best and not a bringer of future innovations.

Taking this analogy further, we can see a huge scope of improvement in both business and educational institutions which are waiting to happen. There have already been some exciting introduction in revolutionizing the learning experience like the concept of smart classrooms; this has been a vital change in educational innovation making the classrooms more interactive and practical instead of the mundane routine for both educators and learners. This advancement in learning has brought teachers and students closer assisting in an improved comprehension for both generations. Another such measure can be taken by adopting the use of Learning Management System (LMS) making the learning more intuitive and updated advancement in classroom education. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is another such improved platform to make the institute more manageable and the process to be cost effective. Using such platforms the institutes can focus on their primary task of educating and delegate the prosaic duties to the never-tiring and diligent softwares making the process automated.

These are still early days in educational advancements, there are further new platforms and ways of teaching adopted worldwide ensuring their alumni reach newer heights. Though these technological advancements are just a click away, there are still several schools who believe in following the “old ways” of tutoring. These archaic thoughts have been pulling them further away from the much needed digital learning.

Now it is time for you to decide, how would you want to be seen; one in a million or just another lamb and a part the herd.

College Management Software

Outstation Student? College Management Software Was Built For You!

Onboard outstation students easily with the right college management software

Going to college is a big moment in any student’s life. Often, this is the first foray into adulthood for most of them. For most students, it is that there are no uniforms, or that you are (hopefully) concentrating on the subjects you want to actually study, or that it feels like it is the beginning of the rest of your life. For outstation students, however, there is the added layer of dealing with a completely new experience in a completely new space.

Unlike students going to college in their hometown, outstation students cannot rely on warm familiarity or existing social networks to anchor them during a tumultuous time. The stress of dealing with a new place and new people is overwhelming enough, without throwing in the stress of having to interact with a college or university system that is entirely removed from you.

This is where the right college management software can really make a difference. College management software is now a must-have for all colleges – it’s 2017 and inefficient bureaucracy needs to become a thing of the past. But college management software is especially useful for outstation students because it helps them more easily manage student life, freeing up time they can spend on integrating into their new home’s culture and interacting with their new friends on campus. Here are four ways the right college management software must have in order to help your students from across the country and the world:

1. Online admissions processing

College management software starts being useful from the very first step.Outstation students can easily apply to the institution of their choice, upload required documents, request confidential references and verify their credentials all within the same college management software. No more spending immense amounts of money on postage, proving validity to every institution they apply to, or just plain worrying whether their application has reached their top choice college safe and sound.

2. Hostel management

A hostelite’s bond with their fellow hostelites is as unique as it is strong. Seamlessly manage this experience with college management software that allows you to assign rooms, switch room residents, create new rooms and hostels – in real time. Knowing where you are going to live and with whom makes onboarding outstation students earlier. Being able to connect with your fellow room or inhabitants is one step to feeling more at home in a new space.

3. Fees and dues paid on the go

Waiting in queue for a demand draft or challan is now a thing of the past. All fees and dues can be paid on a college management software like Fedena on the go – from any place and across devices. Whether it is library dues that you forgot to pay before leaving for home or adding a little something extra to your canteen fees to satiate late night exam time munchies, the right college management software makes handling finances for outstation students a breeze.

4. Parental modules to allow for easy tracking

Parents who worry about their child going off to foreign climes for higher education need not rely solely on their perennially busy wards for information. College management software allows parents to do a multitude of things – from paying their fees online, to receiving receipts easily, to keeping track of their child’s academic progress. While the bird may have flown the nest, dealing with empty nest syndrome is made easier with college management software that makes you feel just a little bit closer to them for a bit longer.

alumni management system

Can the alumni management system fuel up an institution’s growth to continuous development?

Alumni are the most valuable resource of every educational institution. Their involvement in supporting the institute and voluntary contribution to institute build the reputation and assist in the development. Alumni are like the role model for the students and when alumni share their experience, it is more easily accepted as guidance and inspiration by students. The Education institutions these days strive really hard to create a bond between alumni and the college campus.

Thus, alumni turn to be the vital stakeholder of an institute. Good communication and engagement between the alumni and institute, assist institute in flourishing their reputation. If institutes maintain an informed and engaged relationship with alumni, they turn to be the most loyal supporter and best ambassador, who delivers invaluable marketing and promotion across their surrounding. So the primary task of every organization is to manage their alumni student records and find a way to link the older students for bringing them together at any point of time.

5 Alumni benefits, the institute should be taking advantage.

  • Network of professional contacts.
  • Promotion of institute’s mark in the society.
  • Career guidance and training services which attract students and staff.
  • Financial support for upgrading the institute to a next level.
  • Interchanging of common values which takes part of county’s growth.

To accomplish all these activities institute needs a perfect alumni management system which can maintain the database and administer can access from anywhere to retain them for a longer time period.

The foremost query in alumni management system is to have a proper system which keeps the records of alumni safe, which can be used from time to time with lesser efforts with the click of a button.Team Fedena understands the proportionate significance of the bond between the students and institution forever. So, it’s very important for the campus to always associate with their alumni with them and come up with the fruitful events programmes which mutually benefits.

Here, Fedena becomes the best companion for schools, colleges and other educational institutes where we can keep the records of all pass out students with the vital pieces of information, which was recorded during the course of study.Fedena promotes effectively engagement in alumni and keeps them plugged into the organization with the help of communication and tracking system which is crucial for the success of alumni management.

“When alumni has the power to fuel up institution’s growth, the Fedena has the power to fuel up the Institute for building up a vibrant alumni community that lasts to an infinite era”

result management system

Your​ ​Student​ ​Result​ ​Management​ ​System​ ​is​ ​Revolutionizing Education

3 systemic changes resulting from a robust student result management system

The tense anticipation, the highs and lows, and the all-round anxiety surrounding the announcement of examination results are familiar to us all. But with time, this unpleasant phenomenon does not seem to improving. While we continue in leaps and bounds in terms of educational techniques and tools, the culture surrounding teaching and testing only seems to

The negative effect of exam results is not limited to the emotional and mental toll it takes on stakeholders in the educational ecosystem, especially system. Exam results stress has, at best, pushed students to adopt unsavoury habits like cheating and bribery to assure a good mark and at worst, pushed them to make drastic, life-ending decisions. This is an unacceptable consequence of a system that is supposed to enrich the future of a country – especially one that
is advanced, or at least getting there, like India.

Ill effects are not limited to students – parents and educators are victims of this toxic culture too, Educators are forced to focus on exam results as the be all and end all goal of teaching. Parents are forced to take a practical stand, instead of a more holistic approach, toward education. The focus remains on producing good results rather than enriching student thinking through superlative teaching and a focus on building curiosity about the world.

A student result management system is certainly not the one-shot solution to all of these problems. However, a robust student result management system can certainly begin the revolution that our educational culture desperately needs.

1. Makes exam results a part of the process, not the goal

Currently, students are told to focus on testing as the objective of their learning, instead of building good information processing skills or igniting a healthy curiosity about the world around them. Practically speaking, examinations cannot be completely eliminated – at least not without a drastic overhaul of how we view education on the whole. This does not mean,
however, that students have to continue to suffer until decision makers are ready to consider testing in a new light. A student result management system allows examinations to be viewed through a lens in which they are just another step in learning – one that helps remind ourselves of how far we have come and how much of the journey is left.

2. Allows continual improvement by students

When we start viewing testing as another step in the learning journey, we begin using it to its fullest extent. Exam results are not just an assessment of the amount of material a student as learned. It is also a starting point for students who wish to more productively direct their learning. A student result management system that shares results for every piece of daily class
assignment, module project, pop quiz, semester test, or annual exam allows students to continually assess their progress, while also not allowing them to be overwhelmed by the idea of being defined by one score or letter grade. This allows students to also make more timely decisions, by letting them course-correct in real time when they fall back.

3. Builds a healthier testing culture

Overall, a student result management system allows educators to more continuously share personalised feedback with their students. While we would like for students to absorb a culture where their self-worth isn’t defined by their examination results, the world might take some time to catch up. Teachers can be the spark that ignites change in the ecosystem. When sharing personalised feedback, it gives teachers an opportunity to speak to parents and students more openly since a student result management system allows for complete confidentiality. This is the first step in building a path to better learning and a healthier attitude towards testing

5 Must Have In Online Assignment Management System

The main motive of every institute is to prepare their students for their future endeavours. This responsibility of bringing out the best in every student falls on the shoulders of the teachers who follow well-known and age-old tested methods to test their student’s mettle. Besides keeping them busy with daily homework, conducting surprise quizzes and other major tests, they also try to keep them motivated and enthusiastic about the future developments and various research topics by assigning them challenging assignments. These assignments are the test of character, alacrity and cognizance of every individual providing them with an opportunity to shine and rise above the flock.

Since this part of learning is such an important part of personal growth, it becomes essential to monitor their allotment and submission to be timely. Sometimes, due to missing classes, or due to undesired inattentiveness, these important notifications are missed which result in late submission and the poor reflection of their character on their teachers. Similarly for teachers keeping track of all the submissions is not an easy task and sometimes a few of the assignments are misplaced which again reflect towards the student’s personal record. While working on their assignments students have to follow directions and formats suggested by the teacher so it’s easier for review due to uniformity, but sometimes it also curbs their natural thinking and creativity which is supposed to be nurtured and not constrained.

With the future advancements in education and learning, this problem has been addressed specifically to allow the students to let free their minds, while their teachers can focus on verifying the claims rather than shuffling through large bundles of submitted assignments. This has also streamlined the process by making it more manageable, auditable and less time consuming while also remaining environment-friendly.

The above-discussed advancements have been designed as a tool which is popularly termed as an online assignment management system. This software is able to effectively manage processes like submissions, recordings, grading and relevant feedback. It also facilitates easy allotment from anywhere and at any time, while enabling the students to get their queries answered well in time and in a documented fashion which they can look back at in case of need.

The listed below features enhance the significance of an online assignment management system:

Users utilize the software as per their own convenience which is why it becomes necessary to designed system functional on various platforms.

In case of random spikes in system behaviour, the processes become unpredictable and therefore require maintenance. Such unpredictable behaviour is a bane of any system software, and in such cases, it should be able to easily restore the system.

The assignment submission system shall be able to bear unpredictable inputs and provide relevant responses to these inputs.

Performance deals with how fast the assignment submission system will respond to the user inputs. The system will be accessed concurrently and it is important for it to respond quickly to varying load.

System availability is of utmost importance since all the processes are time critical and could have a serious impact on someone’s academic results.

academic management system

3 Ways a Student Academic Management System Benefits Parents

A Student Academic Management System isn’t just for students and educators

In the past, this blog has elucidated extensively on how Student Academic Management Systems, or other management systems, help students, educators, and non-educator staff make the most of their in-school time. We have also spoken of how an efficient student academic management system is an asset outside of school hours also – platforms like Fedena allow teachers to communicate with students one-on-one, share readings to support in class material remotely, enable peer learning through creation of student groups, and allow students to manage and organise their own learning more efficiently.

The focus can, thus, increasingly remain on educating a child, since repetitive processes and cumbersome administrative tasks are automated by an easy to use platform that everyone from student to principal can learn to utilize intuitively. A group that can also benefit from a student academic management system is the one who might be the one that has the most emotional and certainly the most financial stake in their child’s learning – the parents. While it is obvious how a student academic management system can benefit those directly involved with an educational system, what use do parents have for such a platform?

Studies have shown that parents who are more involved in their child’s academic life tend to have a positive impact on their performance. This stands to reason – parental involvement provides children the support and motivation they need to take their studies seriously and also allows teachers and parents to combine powers in order to empower a student. Why not then utilize every tool at their disposal to maximize impact? Parents, here is how you can use your school’s student academic management system in order to positively influence your child’s educational outcomes:

Build​ ​better​ ​teacher-parent​ ​relationships

One of the perks of a student academic management system is that it allows for efficient, personalised, and confidential communication between entities. While the focus is on personalised attention from teacher to student, the communication between parent and teacher is equally as important. Being able to refer to coursework, homework, reports, or grades within the same student academic management system enables more efficient and effective communication between parent and teacher, allowing them to team up to help a student learn better both at school and at home.

Easily​ ​keep​ ​track​ ​of​ ​your​ ​child’s​ ​academic​ ​progress

No more hunting down of report cards, keeping track of remarks in the student diary, or unnecessary parent-teacher meetings. With all student coursework, homework, reports and grades being shared with a student academic management system, it becomes a one-stop shop for all academic related interactions and monitoring for a parent. A report card once a semester or year is just a one-way street of communication, and often comes too late to allow for any sort of meaningful intervention. A student academic management system allows a parent to continually track student progress and enables parental intervention in a timely fashion. This means less time wasted on daily organizational scramble, resulting in more focused study time.

Build​ ​communities​ ​with​ ​fellow​ ​parents

Creating a group or community in a student academic management system is not just a tool to create virtual classrooms or a forum where students can benefit from group discussions and peer learning. A community can be set up for all the parents of students enrolled in a particular class or batch in a student academic management system – there is strength in numbers! This enables parents to communicate more easily with each other, share wisdom and information, and also collaborate more effectively with the institution.