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Fedena Mobile Version

Fedena Software for School Management provides a simple, mobile friendly view to access basic features. Nothing to install, no upgrades!

The most used features of Fedena are available for your quick use using the mobile view plugin of Fedena. Fedena switches the interface automatically when accessed through mobile browsers. There is nothing to install or upgrade. Just take fedena from your mobile browser as you do in your laptop or desktop computer.

Neat and Simple Login Screen

Minimalistic login screen. Just enter your Fedena username and password to access the mobile dashboard.

for: students, teachers, parents & employees
View alerts and messages quickly

Access the internal messaging system with the tap for your finger. Know what is happening in the campus and the alerts from different modules of Fedena.

for: students, teachers, parents & employees
View Timetable

Quickly access the daily timetable to prepare well and plan timings for the classes.

for: students, teachers & parents
View School Calendar

Know the events queued up in the campus using the events menu. Quick information of examinations, holidays and other campus events.

for: students, teachers, parents & employees
Take attendance directly from classrooms

Just go to the classroom. Take fedena attendance menu from your mobile phone. Mark the absent details of the batch you are assigned to.

for: teachers
Easy leave request

Want to take an emergency leave. Apply leave to your manager quickly using the mobile view.

for: teachers & employees
Attendance details

View the attendance details of the students with the tap of a menu

for: students & parents
Fee Dues

View the next fee due dates to plan for the fee payment

for: students & parents

How to get it? There is nothing to install or configure. Just access your fedena account from any modern mobile browser. This feature is available with Fedena Professional and Enterprise plans.

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